Kim K Just Gave A Sneak Peek Of Her New Concealer & It Doesn't Disappoint

Kevin Winter/One Voice: Somos Live!/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The KKW Beauty empire continues its expansion because, duh. How can it not? After issuing liquid lippies, cream and powder contouring kits, highlighters, and glosses, Kim Kardashian West will soon drop concealers. Of course fans were excited about the initial tease late last year when the product was teased without much info. Now, there are some further theories about what's on deck.

Kardashian West is closely following the business model of her little sister and fellow cosmetics mogul Kylie Jenner, who released her first Skin Concealers with an impressively inclusive shade range during the holidays. Here's to hoping the KKW Beauty concealer will follow the same scope as the brand's contour kits, which do offer a variety of product options and shades for skin tones from fair to deep.

KKW teased the concealers while working with makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic on her Snapchat. She confirmed that they were indeed filming a tutorial, which suggests she will have something to sell soon. If you have a product to hawk, you need an accompanying usage tutorial. That's a basic beauty brand tenet.

We see the reality superstar with makeup stripes painted on her face — so much so that she looks like a tiger — along with her hallmark contouring lines, helping her to build her signature, smooth canvas look.

Courtesy of Kim Kardashian West Snapchat

It's so delightfully voyeuristic to watch Kim getting her makeup did in stages. But she did share the footage on her very public and heavily followed Snapchat. So, her fans did receive an invitation to join in and witness the fun, so there's that.

Courtesy of Kim Kardashian West Snapchat

You can see what looks like the concealers in action here. And that's precisely the right way to get us all sorts of hyped up, Kim.

Courtesy of Kim Kardashian West Snapchat

These teases don't disappoint. In fact, the makeup news Instagram Hotfire Makeup posted additional images, suggesting that the brand is not only launching a concealer, but also a setting powder.

After a brief holiday break, KKWB is back to the grind and bringing us new products.

Courtesy of Kim Kardashian West Snapchat

In addition to KKW getting her makeup did and showing off what looks to be the forthcoming concealer, Mario D. mixed the brand's UltraLight Beam loose powder and accompanying gloss to create this utterly epic, mega wet, and sparkly eye look. It's always fun to see a brand utilize it's products in ways in which they weren't originally intended.

Courtesy of Kim Kardashian West Snapchat

A dewy eye look is majorly hard to pull off, since all the blinking one does in a day causes the product to migrate and wear off. But Mario D. mixed gloss and powder, which worked in concert to keep the concoction glowing and grounded. It's an editorial look that is hard to pull off IRL, for sure. But if you are daring, try it yourself.

Overall, fans are excited about the prospect of a KKW concealer since Kardashian’s sculpted face is something fans want to replicate. That fact is evidenced by the swift sell outs of her contour kits. A flawless base, with blemishes buffed away via an assist from concealer, is essential.

Keep your eyes glued to the KKW Beauty socials for further updates about the upcoming concealers.