KL Polish's July 4th Bundle Is So Affordable

If you've already made your shopping plan of attack, there's one more brand that you're going to want to add. Adding to the red, white, and blue fun, KL Polish's July 4th Bundle is filled with color staples for less. The brand is becoming known for their nail bundles, but this is the best one yet. A deal this good won't be around for long, so you'll want to shop while you still can.

When it comes to polish, the more colors the merrier, but the three basics are a pop of color, neutral, and, of course, a classic red. That's exactly what you'll get with this brand's deal. In true Fourth of July fashion, the brand is bundling their red, white, and blue nail polishes for a limited time. You'll get Magic City, Coconut Milk, and Gumption! for just $20. The July 4th Bundle breaks down to about $6.66 per shade. This is quite the deal considering that each bottle is normally $8.50.

Like all good deals, this one will eventually come to an end. According to the KL Polish Instagram post, the deal will end on, well, July 4 or while supplies last. The brand's bundles are always best sellers, and something tells me that this one will be the same.

If you do happen to miss out on the bundled trio, you can still buy each one of the shades separately. Magic City, Coconut Milk, and Gumption! are all currently in stock on the website. Of course, you'll have to pay the full price of $8.50 though. You can also stock up on the full 2017 Summer Collection Bundle, which is back in stock.

July 4th Bundle, $20,

Not sold on the trio yet? Maybe the tutorial will change your mind. The brand put together a Summer Speckled Nail Art Tutorial on YouTube, and recreated the on Instagram with the bundle. Not only will you get an incredible deal on the colors, but you'll also get advice on how to wear them. It really doesn't get better than that.

As of July 1, the bundle is still in stock on the KL Polish website. Something tells me it won't be for long though. So what are you doing still reading this?Head over to the site and stock up before it's too late!