Miranda Kerr Made You This Night Serum So You Can Wake Up Glowy Like Her

Miranda Kerr's Kora Organics Noni Night Serum is the brand's first chemical exfoliator.
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For Miranda Kerr, skin care is more than, well, skin deep. The former Victoria's Secret model-turned-beauty-entrepreneur began her skin care line Kora Organics in 2010 to fill the wellness gap she felt was missing in the skin care market.

Now, ten years later, Kerr's brand is the only certified organic range sold at Sephora, and her products have been repeatedly awarded for their effectiveness. The new Kora Organics Noni Night Serum is the latest addition to her lineup of organic products, and it the first introduction of chemical exfoliants into the brand's range. However, when Bustle spoke with Kerr about her brand and the new serum, she explains that the creation of Noni Night retains Kora's focus on clean, organic, and wellness-focused beauty.

For Kerr, allowing customers to feel secure and safe while using her products is tantamount. "Because your skin is the largest organ on your body, it absorbs what is on your skin. If you can use these products that are certified organic, that are healthy for you, that give you the results you need, for me, it’s a no brainer. Why would you want to use anything else?" she explains to Bustle.

The combination of efficacy and organic ingredients is central to Kora as a brand, and it's carried out with the ingredients in the new night serum. The brand uses only natural AHAs and BHAs found in fruits and plants like Sicilian white grape, caviar lime, and willowbark, to help resurface the skin, fight pigmentation, and increase cell turnover.

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As for the products' effectiveness, Kerr herself has been testing the the Noni Night Serum for six months leading up to the launch. "Obviously there are a lot of chemical heavy products out there on the market, but I really wanted something that was organic and gave me the results that I needed and wasn’t going to be full of chemicals," she tells Bustle. "When I was speaking with the lab, I said, 'Listen, I really want to create a product I can use at night that helps resurface my skin, provides a glow, gives smaller looking pores, and helps with my pigmentation.' It really, really works."

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Kerr testing the product herself is representative of her hands on approach to the brand. The model tells Bustle that she began Kora Organics for her personal routine. She was unable to find certified organic skin care during a time when there was very little regulation regarding organic products. Out of her desire for more truly organic beauty options, Kora Organics was born.

While yes, Kora Organics is certified and tested to provide optimal results, Kerr also believes in beauty from the inside out. As such, each product from the brand is filtered through rose quartz crystal which the brand states is meant to promote self-love, self-esteem, and forgiveness. Bustle has reached out to dermatologists regarding these claims.

The founder explains, "We’re the pioneers with the crystal-infused process with all of our products. I incorporated that process because ever since I was a little girl I’ve been drawn to crystals and rose quartz in particularly because it’s a very nurturing crystal that helps to support and nourishing the heart chakra."

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Another key element of Kerr's brand's approach to skin is treating it as a form of self-care. "I want to create that ritual where when you're doing that kind of monotonous cleansing, moisturizing, masking, things that we do, I want it to be not just physically helping your skin, but I want you to feel nourished and supported emotionally at the same time."

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For Kerr, her brand and its new Noni Night Serum may be effective, but the range is so much more than that. "My aim is that people feel nurtured when they use Kora Organics, like someone is giving them a hug in a way. That they feel supported and they know what they're doing for their skin is good for them and is good for the environment," Kerr shares. "Even though they lead a busy life, they can take that moment for themselves and feel the energy of the product."

If Kerr's holistic approach to beauty and wellness sound ideal, the new Noni Night Serum launches Feb. 3 and may be the perfect way to take a small moment for yourself.

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