Kristen Bell Announces 'Bad Moms' Sequel & It's The Best Early Christmas Present


I have, just for you, a piece of news that will give your official holiday celebrations off with the proper amount of cheer: A Bad Moms sequel is coming in November 2017. The hype-building officially kicked off when Bad Moms star Kristen Bell posted a short teaser on her Twitter. The teaser, among its few fun surprises, confirms that Bell, Mila Kunis, and Kathryn Hahn will be returning at the titular trio of moms who are breaking all the rules when it comes to parenting.

A press release from STX, the studio behind Bad Moms, confirms that this sequel will flesh out the intended Bad Moms franchise. From the sound of the plot, it looks like we'll get a better insight into the lives of Amy, Carla, and Kiki as well as holiday hijinks: "In [A Bad Moms Christmas], the under-appreciated and over-burdened sisterhood must deal with the stresses of the most wonderful time of year as their own mothers visit for the holidays."

Amusingly, the teaser also lists some of the activities that define the holiday season but also become stressful for moms every year. "Attention Bad Moms," the teaser begins, "between all of the: shopping, gift wrapping, cleaning, cooking, holiday cards, teacher gifts, potlucks, end of year performances, visits from in-laws, Christmas parties, decorating, holiday travel, elf posing, stocking stuffing, [and] cookie baking, remember, you're doing great." I can't wait to see how many of these things make it into the film if only because of the comedic potential.

Bad Moms was a total smash during the summer of 2016. Its keen articulation of the modern stresses of motherhood — from PTA politics to the pressures of raising high-achieving children — resonated with the cast and, in turn, resonated with the audience. There's no doubt in my mind that this Bad Moms sequel will be just as funny (if not funnier) than the original and will be the best way to begin your holiday season in 2017.

Also, crucial question: Who do you think will be cast as the grandmothers in this sequel? We'll certainly have to stay tuned.