Kyle's 'RHOBH' Party Took A Dramatic Turn

Nicole Weingart/Bravo)

The first thing that needs to be discussed today is how absolutely fabulous Kyle Richard's Great Gatsby party was on the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. If Kyle knows one thing, she knows how to pull off a truly amazing bash. Between the location, the roaring '20s costumes and the fact that freakin' Cheyenne Jackson was there (AHS fans likely swooned with me), it was everything we needed from this season. Kyle's Gatsby bash also brought some fresh drama with Eden Sassoon.

This drama is carrying over from last week. If you remember, Eden kind of overstepped her bounds with Kyle by interjecting into her relationship with Kim. Because Eden has been through addiction herself and actually lost her sister to the disease, she felt a certain duty to lend advice and support to the Richards sisters. The intention was noble, but Kyle wasn't feeling the method in which it was being doled out. Last week Eden didn't like that Kim wasn't friendly to her at Dorit's party and she let Kyle know her feelings tonight at Lisa Rinna's BBQ. Kyle just kind of shrugged it off but made it clear that she wasn't going to allow Eden to rehash it again. When all was said and done Eden went for the hug and Kyle hilariously asked, "Oh, are we going to do one of those long, awkward hugs?"

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Then, at Kyle's Gatsby party, Eden walked right up to her and Kim and immediately started talking about the fact that they remind her of her relationship with her sister. Kyle tried to shut it right down by telling her that she doesn't enable her sister and didn't want to go further into it. Kim added that she thought that Eden was looking for trouble and that she needed her to back off. Eden came back a little bit on the defensive by telling Kim and Kyle that all of their friends asked her what she thought of the situation.

In the end, Lisa Vanderpump finally arrived this season and told Eden that although she may have a different perspective on Kim and Kyle's relationship because of her own previous struggles, she needs to chill out. Specifically, she said, "We started off on the right foot, OK? And I'm happy about that. But my other foot will kick you in the ass if you come after my girl Kyle."

Lisa Vanderpump literally always wins. I have missed her sassy wisdom this season and this Eden scenario is the perfect time for it to return. Eden, just take a step back and everything will be OK.