Kylie Cosmetics' BOGO Sale Is Too Good To Miss But Act Fast, Fans!

Kylie Cosmetics may have killer bundles and offer free shipping every now and then, but a straight up sale seems to be more rare. As of press time, however, Kylie Cosmetics' BOGO sale is officially happening in honor of Cinco de Mayo, and this is one deal that you just can't miss. While the BOGO deal doesn't extend to every Kylie Cosmetics item — sorry Kim Kardashian West x Kylie Cosmetics fans —, it does work for her most iconic product: the Kylie Lip Kit.

On Friday, both Kylie Jenner and the Kylie Cosmetics brand took to social media to announce the killer promo. Right now, fans can head over to the Kylie Cosmetics website and pick up two lip kits for the price of one. That's two matte liquid lips and two liners. You truly can't miss it if you love Jenner's lip kits and their formula. If you want to take advantage of the promotion, though, you'll want to act fast.

According to the social media posts from Jenner and the brand, the deal will only go until the end of the day on May 5. As for whether the end of the day will be at midnight PT or not, there's no word, but most of her launches and promotions are announced on West Coast time.

While there haven't been a ton of recent matte liquid lipsticks additions, there's tons of classic lip colors to choose from. Whether you want to grab one of the original three lip kits or you're looking to add a vibrant hue for spring, with the range of Kylie Lip Kits out there and the ability to get two for the price of one, you no longer have to choose.

If you really want to get the most bang for your buck, Kylie Cosmetics is also offering free shipping on orders over $40. That means if you purchase two lip kits, you will not only get two more additional kits, but you'll score free shipping. Basically, it's time to purchase those lip kits that you've been holding off purchasing.

To snag the deal, simply add a lip kit to your cart, and you'll be prompted to select your free gift. It's really as easy as that. What are you waiting for? Head over to the Kylie Cosmetics website now buy lip kits until your heart is content.