Kylie Jenner Defended The Price Of Her $360 Brush Set, But Fans Aren't Happy With It

People have a lot of opinions about Kylie Cosmetics. Whether it's fans bestowing praises on the Jenner-created brand or critiques of Kylie's products, the brand creates conversation — and right now is certainly no different. Kylie Jenner has responded to controversy around her Kylie Cosmetics' Silver Series Brush Set price. Unfortunately, fans don't seem satisfied with her explanation.

So what is the brush controversy? Well, in an exciting moment for fans, Jenner announced a full set of makeup brushes as part of her second drop with her Kylie Cosmetics line. The excitement, however, was short lived when the prices of said brushes was released.

According to Kylie Cosmetics' social media, the set — with a brush roll — will retail for a cool $360. Almost immediately, fans and beauty lovers started to react — and it wasn't all positive. Many believed that the price was far too high for Jenner's line. Jenner noticed the fan reactions, and has spoken out on Twitter.

In her response, Jenner explained that the Kylie Cosmetics brushes are "luxury" quality, but that she is willing to do a synthetic set of brushes at a cheaper price later. She then pulled price examples of other luxury brush sets from brands like Kevyn Aucoin and MAC Cosmetics, all of which cost more than her set. To end her response, she reassured fans that she loved them and she was listening.

Critics of Jenner's pricing say her brush line can't compare to the highly established brands, like the brands she highlighted in her tweet. Kylie Cosmetics has only released a five brush eye set in the past, and the brand itself has only been in existence since 2015.

People immediately began to question how she could compare her brushes to these other lines.

People were incredibly displeased with the comparisons to established brands.

And when Jenner explained that she tries to make her products as affordable as possible, Twitter users questioned her definition of affordability.

While Jenner does receive tons of hate, Twitters users are correct, even her fans were disappointed in her explaination.

While Jenner contends that her brushes are luxury quality, there's still the issue of brands that have incredibly cost effective products. Morphe, BH Cosmetics, and Wet n' Wild all sell quality brushes at much more reasonable prices with excellent reviews.

In fact, BH Cosmetics threw some subtle — but good natured — shade at Jenner's brushes themselves.

Jenner has yet to respond to the additional backlash over her explanation, but she has retweeted a sign of support from one fan who thanked her for listening to fans' feedback and criticism.

Overall, however, the reactions still appear to be negative. While there is obviously the chance that Jenner's set of brushes will be of equal or greater quality than Kevyn Aucoin or MAC, credibility appears to be the biggest stick point for those interested in Jenner's products.

Only time will tell if Jenner's fans will end up purchasing the brush roll or if they will choose to buy them individually. After all, if fans can't afford the entire 16 brush collection, they can pick and choose as Jenner will be selling them all separately. With brushes averaging roughly $20 a piece, however, the pricing is still high in comparison to brands like BH Cosmetics and Wet n' Wild.

Maybe it's time for those synthetic brushes after all...