Praise Be, Kylie Jenner Threw Her Best Friend A 'The Handmaid's Tale'-Themed Party

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On Saturday, June 8, in honor of the recent premiere of Season 3 and her best friend Anastasia "Stassie" Karanikolaou's birthday, Kylie Jenner hosted a The Handmaid's Tale-themed dinner at her mansion. And, as usual, she was very committed to the details.

Red curtains draped the entryway and hallway leading into the foyer and dining room. "Welcome to Gilead," Stassie said on her Instagram Story as she recorded her entrance. Handmaids greeted her by saying, "Praise be," flags from the fictional Republic of Gilead hung everywhere, and another handmaid served cocktails from a tray. "Praise be vodka and under his eyes tequila," she said, presenting the blood-red drinks.

The dining room table was set with dozens of roses as a table runner, candles, and each plate held letters with the guests' names written on them, accompanied by a single rose. Wine glasses were etched with the handmaid's silhouette and the phrases, "Praise be, b*tches," and "Blessed day." Jenner provided everyone with red capes and bonnets. Guests included Jenner’s assistant Victoria Villarroel, her makeup artist Ariel Tejada, Tiffany Sorya, and Scott Disick's girlfriend, Sofia Richie. Richie shared a picture of her handmaid transformation on Instagram. "Tonight transition was serious.. praise be," she wrote.

Some people found the theme well executed, and others considered it troubling, given the serious nature of the show. "This is so ironic given if the handsmaid's tale ever came true we'd be the ones in red and these ppl would be buying our babies," @igoturmanon_alish on Instagram commented. Another person pointed out how unrealistic their portrayal of the characters were. "Handmaid's aren't allowed to have phones/ drinks," Instagram user @millennialcouchpotato wrote.

Despite the dinner's hotly debated theme, the group enjoyed a meal of pasta, veggies, and other yummy foods, and then watched the first episode of the Hulu original before gearing up for a night on the town.

On her Instagram Story, Jenner shared a video of a tour bus pulling up to her house as the sun set. On the side of the bus was written, "STAS TURNS 22" in bold pink letters. The entire crew wore the same pink sweatsuits to match, and then headed to the club for dancing.

Then, Jenner proceeded to share loads of throwback photos from her years-long friendship with Stassie. They apparently met in a Barnes & Noble bookstore as wee teens, and now they share matching tattoos of Jenner's daughter's name, Stormi, on their arms. "Happy birthday to the baddest @stassiebaby," Jenner wrote on Instagram. "9 years later and you're still a real one. i love you forever and always."

The Handmaid's Tale inspired events took place after the group kicked off the birthday weekend at the club on Friday. According to People, Jenner shared a clip on her Instagram Story while on their way with the caption, "Bestie birthday weekend @stassiebaby."

While the theme stirred up a bit controversary online, it looks like Stassie and Jenner enjoyed a fun, drama-free night. Well, as drama-free as The Handmaid's Tale can be.