Kylie Jenner Wore A $35 T-Shirt Dress On Instagram & It's Still Available

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner is known for her expensive designer tastes, but that doesn't mean she doesn't dabble in some budget friendly pieces now and again. Kylie Jenner wore a Sorella T-shirt dress in her Instagram #OOTD photo, and the thermal mini is only $35. Considering that the youngest Jenner is a billionaire makeup mogul that has a handbag collection that is worth close to half a million dollars, a $35 dress is quite a departure from Jenner's usual tastes. But when the piece is form-fitting and speaks to her athleisure tastes, Jenner gets it.

Jenner shared the look on Instagram on March 19, where she was wearing the sheer Sorella thermal shirt dress accented with a neon green windbreaker in the photo. Playing up the sheer factor of the dress, Jenner paired the frock with a neon green panty set. The undies went perfectly with her jacket, and added an unexpected element to the simple, dressed-down look.

If you have some great panty sets and think that it's a shame there's no way to show them off, then this T-shirt dress meets you halfway. You're still covered, but your intimates still peek through.

Seeing how Jenner is the queen of high-low fashion, she then paired her budget-friendly mini dress with a Prada mini bag.

In the second photo that Jenner posted of her outfit, followers got a glimpse of an exciting detail about the mini dress. The sleeves have holes in them, letting your thumbs loop through. If you have ever purposefully cut holes into the sleeve of your hoodie in junior high, then you will know just how comforting that one detail is.

The white thermal dress on Sorella's site is sold as a weekend dress, perfect for going out on Friday night. The item is made from a cotton material, meaning it's as comfortable as it looks. Sorella styled the dress with black thigh high boots and massive wrap-around sunglasses, but Jenner shows just how versatile it can be.

Seeing how anything that Jenner touches sells out, if you want this affordable mini then you need to act fast. Right now there are only seven in stock.

If you like Jenner's athleisure look but can't find this particular dress in your size, then it's worth checking out Sorella's other items. The brand's other collections are just as sporty and sexy, letting you copy Jenner's look.

Just like this thermal, all of the pieces have a budget friendly price point. You can channel the Kardashian-Jenners and get $16 biker shorts, $20 spaghetti strap mini dress, or a $30 off-the-shoulder bodysuit.

Jenner might have Prada bags and vintage Bentleys, but she's also a regular shopper at Fashion Nova and Naked Wardrobe. Both brands have low price points, clocking in at an average of $30 a dress. For example, for Jenner's 2019 calendar, the beauty mogul was wearing a gold tank top mini dress from Naked Wardrobe on the cover. The dress cost $36.

While Jenner has plenty of designer pieces, she is still able to inspire her fans with affordable outfit picks. The queen of high-low, indeed.