Kylie Jenner's Lip Fillers Are Back Because She Can Do As She Damn Well Pleases

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner's lip are kind of a staple story in the Kardashian and Jenner saga that plays out weekly on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. From why she got fillers to her removing them, Jenner's lips are a clear topic of discussion. Now, Kylie Jenner's lip fillers are back, and while some may criticize the Kylie Cosmetics mogul for revisiting the procedure, the truth is she can do anything she damn well pleases with her face.

In case you haven't been up on the latest Kylie Jenner news — which seems unlikely if you have an internet connection — this summer Jenner was looking a little different on her social media channels, and her fans took notice. The Kylie Cosmetics mogul's signature, full pout look a bit less full that usual. In a comment to a fan, she revealed that she'd actually had her lip filler dissolved.

Of course, when Jenner let the world know the news that her filler was gone, people had opinions — lots of them. From those that thought Jenner looked great without the filler to those who missed her well-known pout, people had thoughts. That's no different now that she's got filler in her lips once more.

According to Buzzfeed, late Tuesday evening Jenner returned to the doctor's office to get a bit of a touch up done up on her lips. In fact, she documented the occasion by thanking the cosmetic dermatologist who did her filler. Looking at the dermatologist's Instagram, it seems she's been working with both Jenner and best friend Jordyn Woods for some time now. She posted an image of the pair together for the release of their Kylie x Jordyn Kylie Cosmetics collection.

Now that Jenner has let the world know that she's got lip filler again, opinions have, of course, been rolling in on social media.

People are accusing Jenner of lying about removing her lip filler, but in the photograph from over the summer, it's clear that her lips are a markedly different size than they are now.

Plus, in her comment confirming that the filler had been removed, Jenner never said that she wasn't going to restore the pout. The change was clearly just temporary.

Then, there are those who are weighing in on whether Jenner looks better with or without the filler, and honestly, people's opinions on her lips don't even matter. Why? Because Jenner has been outspoken about the insecurities she faced growing up regarding her lip size. Presumably, the filler makes her feel more confident and self-assured, or you know, she could just like having a bigger pout without her former insecurities. Either way, it's Jenner's face and Jenner's lips.

Honestly, Kylie Jenner's lips are low-key a pop culture icon. Whether she's got filler in them or not, that famous pout has now spawned a cosmetics empire and an entire KUWTK episode. It seems like those lip fillers, whether Jenner keeps them or dissolves them, are serving her just fine without all the opinions.