Baby Stormi Is Basically Identical To Baby Kylie Jenner In These New Pics

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ever since Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's daughter, Stormi Webster, was born in February, Jenner has shared plenty of details about her new baby with her millions of fans. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has posted a number of photos of the newborn, and a pattern is starting to emerge: Stormi looks just like Kylie Jenner as a baby — especially in her latest pics — and the family resemblance is just too cute. Now that Jenner has shared plenty of photos of her daughter, it's not hard to see the similarities between the two of them. Jenner has shared photos of herself as a baby in the past, too, and she and Stormi already have a lot in common, at least in the looks department.

After Stormi's birth, Jenner shared her own baby photos on her website and app, and there are some major facial similarities between her and Stormi. As the new mom continues to share photos of herself and her daughter, their similarities are becoming even more striking. Below is the Instagram gallery Jenner shared of herself and Stormi together on Friday, March 23. She simply captioned the black-and-white photo series "stormiiiiiiiii," along with a black heart emoji:

Jenner also shared some footage from her own childhood days in her "To Our Daughter" video, which she shared to her YouTube channel after Stormi's birth was announced in February. The video below starts out with video footage from the day Jenner was born — you can see Kris Jenner holding baby Kylie starting at the 0:21 mark, followed by a close-up shot at the 0:30 second mark.

Jenner herself has pointed out how much Stormi takes after her, too. In February, she responded to fans' questions about her newborn baby on Twitter. And in one tweet, the lip kit mogul observed just how much Stormi looks like her when she was younger. "She's good," Jenner tweeted about Stormi. "Still staring at her all day. she looks just like me when i [sic] was a baby." For reference, here are a few images Jenner has posted of herself as a kid:

Jenner has also shared several photos of herself holding Stormi, in addition to the close-up shots. In February, she posted a sweet picture of Stormi's hand grasping onto her thumb. Stormi's face is visible in the background of the photo, too. "Stormi webster," Jenner captioned the post, adding on an emoji of an angelic baby's face.

Jenner then shared an image of herself and Stormi on March 1, marking her daughter's first month of being alive in the world. "My angel baby is 1 month old today," Jenner wrote in the Instagram caption.

And last week, Jenner shared a sweet picture of her grandma holding Stormi. The photo gave a close-up look at Stormi's face, and the baby couldn't be any cuter. "I mean... does it get any better than this?" Jenner captioned the Instagram post.

Jenner's also shared more photos of Stormi on Snapchat, including a sweet image of the baby sleeping. The reality star kept her pregnancy notoriously private, not even confirming that she was pregnant until after Stormi was born. But it looks like now that Stormi is here, Jenner is eager to share plenty of photos of the baby with her followers. Her fans seem to love the updates, too — her photos are flooded with comments about how precious Stormi is.

Of course, these are only the first baby photos of Stormi. Fans will have to wait to see just how much Stormi resembles her mom as she grows up, but it's easy to tell they're related. Stormi does appear to have really inherited her mom's looks.