Kylie Jenner Shared Some Sweet Snapchats Of Baby Stormi With Her Grandmomager

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Four generations of Kardashian-Jenner women came together on Thursday to celebrate Kris Jenner's mom M.J.'s 84th birthday. Kylie Jenner posted several videos of Stormi at the birthday party, a rare treat for fans. Kylie has been private about her baby, even deleting some of the Instagram photos she's posted of Stormi in the past. So the sweet new videos, which Kylie shared on Snapchat, was a pleasant surprise for fans.

In the videos Kylie posted, Kris rocks little Stormi, who's sitting peacefully in her grandma's lap. The baby's face isn't visible, but she appears to be perfectly content with a pacifier and a small plush toy (it's hard to tell, but it looks like the toy is a rabbit). Stormi also has an impressive head of hair for a baby who's not even six months old — she's clearly inherited her parents' good genes.

Kylie also shared a Snapchat video of her sister Kendall holding Stormi, and the baby's face is briefly visible in that clip. Kendall used a face filter that added what appear to be a pink pair of deer horns and ears for the video of her with Stormi. It looks like Kylie's family members can't get enough of the sweet baby.

Here's the video of Kendall Jenner holding Stormi at M.J.'s birthday party:

Back in June, Kylie deleted multiple photos of Stormi from her Instagram page. "I'm not sharing photos of my girl right now," the lip kit mogul wrote in an Instagram comment at the time. Since then, Kylie has shared some photos of her daughter, though they've tended not to show the baby's face.

It sounds like celebrating her grandma's birthday has made Kylie think about the fact that her daughter is growing up, too. Kylie tweeted on Thursday that she couldn't believe Stormi is almost six months old, asking other moms if the time went by quickly for them, too. "Stormi will be 6 months in 6 days.. how did this happen?" Kylie tweeted.

And even though Stormi's first birthday is still half a year away, Kylie is already thinking about the festivities. She tweeted on Thursday that her daughter's first birthday party will "be lit."

A month ago, Kylie shared on Snapchat that she's already thinking about potential themes for Stormi's first birthday party. Apparently, she'd considered a unicorn-themed bash, but since her nieces North West and Penelope Disick had a unicorn party recently, the theme was off the table for Stormi. On Thursday, Kylie revealed on Twitter that she has a new theme in mind, but she's not sharing it with fans just yet. Whatever Kylie came up with, though, it's sure to be the perfect party.

Kylie may be sad to see her baby growing up so quickly, but it looks like she'll be there to love and support Stormi every step of the way. Whether she's planning elaborate first birthday parties or just chilling with her baby and her other family members, Kylie seems to have the whole new mom thing down pat.