Kylie, Stormi & Jordyn Woods Just Wore The SAME Exact Color Swimwear & It'll Be Your Summer Color

It's almost inevitable that if you're going on a group vacay, there will be corresponding group photos (because pics or it didn't happen, right?). Even the most well-known girl gangs can't resist a group swimsuit photo, hence why Kylie, Stormi, and Jordyn Woods' neon green swimsuit will make you wish you had a ticket to your own private oasis.

True Kylie Jenner fans already know that Jordyn is basically her sister from another mister, and the Instagram photos are all the receipts people need.

In what looks to be a celebration of Stormi's first birthday, the makeup mogul posted a photo on Instagram on Jan. 17 of the infant trailing tiny footprints across the beach, captioning it "let the birthday adventures begin.." A day later Jenner was cooped up under a rocky waterfall shower with her best gal pal on one side with her baby in hand.

"Love these two more than life itself," she captioned the photo.

If you were ever fuzzy on what friendship goals looks like, it's the image of Jordyn sticking her tongue out under a luxurious waterfall and Kylie holding Stormi who's while trying to pull at Woods' tongue. It will literally pull at the few heart strings you have left.

Not all girl squads include a cute curly-headed baby, but a good portion of the ones out there may make plans to wear the same color swimsuit for a good Instagram photo, and Kylie's been pushing the neon fad at fans for a while now.

The youngest Jenner wore her neon green suit in a two-piece bandeau bikini set while Woods and Stormi wore almost identical one-piece suits with a plunging back. That's just how cool aunties roll these days.

Although Jordyn was the first person fans saw when Kylie revealed the "To Our Daughter" video after giving birth, this is one of the few times that all three of them have been seen together.

The cuteness overload in these photos may have made your heart grow twice in size, but there's no arguing these bathing suits (even Stormi's) are cool for the summer.

If you find yourself inspired by Kylie, Stormi and Jordyn's bathing suits in all their neon nylon glory, there are so many dupes out there, you won't be able to deal. Here are some of the best picks.

High Waisted Plain Two-Piece Swimsuit

Pink Queen offers this sporty neon green two-piece in sizes S-XL. Long sleeved with a zipper opening in the front, this swimsuit could also be part of Kylie's crew.

Forever Studded Swimsuit

Some people like to keep their bellies covered, others enjoy a little bling on their bikinis. This one swimsuit combines both in Fashion Nova's "Forever Studded" Bathing suit with studs on the trim, a high cut leg, and a scoop back similar Jordyn and Stormi's swimwear.

Low Cut Plain Swimwear Bikini

This low-cut swimsuit (Offers sizes S-L)from Boutique Feel is as close to Kylie's bathing suit as you're going to get. If you need a little more support, you'll be happy to know these come with thick straps.

Halter Fringed High-Waisted Bikini Swimsuit

Thick babes can nab a saucier neon green (offers sizes 1X-3X) swimsuit like this one donning lots of fringe. Its '60s style halter top will make you feel like you've traveled to the tropics in seconds.

Situationship Swimsuit

Anytime you associate bondage with bathing suits, you're bound to have a situation, which is probably where this swimsuit got its name. When you're ready to skip the typical all black one-piece, make a splash in this sexy swimsuit.

Whether your summer girl squad includes a baby bump, toddler or adults-only, be sure to snap a group swim pic before you dive off into the deep end.