Kylie’s OG Lip Kits Now Come In A Bundle

Kylie Cosmetics has come a long way since it first launched. Founder Kylie Jenner has had a baby. They're making everything from eyeshadow palettes to highlighters. If you've loved the brand from its inception, there's good news for you because Kylie's OG lip kits now come in a bundle. It's the perfect way to celebrate everything that the brand has accomplished.

Way back in 2015, Jenner launched Kylie Cosmetics. Can you believe it's only been a little over two years? After all, with the hype around the brand, you'd think lip kits and Kylighters had been on the market forever. But when Jenner's cosmetics brand first launched, it was only a handful of products, and they were, of course, lipsticks. Given that Jenner's lips were the subject of massive gossip at the time, the choice to launch lippies was genius.

First up for Jenner and her brand were Candy K, Dolce K, and True Brown K. The hues were perfectly in line with the matte neutrals with pink and peach undertones that she was known for at the time. With a liner and liquid lip, fans could finally create the perfect Jenner approved lip. While the brand has gone on to create vibrant purples and an upcoming military green, those initial colors are still quintessential Kylie, and they're coming back at you.

According to an Instagram image posted to the brand's account on Wednesday, Jenner and her team seem to have decided to engage in a bit of Kylie Cosmetics nostalgia. They are relaunching the three OG lip kits in a bundle for $36.

While the bundle does not have the matching lip liners, it's still a total steal. Jenner's matte liquid lips retail for $17 per lippie according to her site. If you were going to purchase these three hues individually, you'd be paying a whopping $51. With this bundle, you're saving $15. Basically, you're getting a lipstick for free.

This isn't the only bundle that Jenner has launched lately either. Only a few weeks ago, the brand announced that they would be crafting a Posie K Lip Trio. Inside the bundle, fans will find the original Posie K matte liquid lip, the Posie K gloss, and the Posie K velvet. The cost of this trio? The same as the OG lip kits, $36.

In what could be an interesting development, there's actuall an entire section dedicated to trios on Jenner's Kylie Cosmetics website. Could she be planning to curate more of these affordable bundles? Only time will tell, but considering that the Posie K Trio is already sold out, fans seem to like them.

While the Posie K bundle is sold out the OG lip trio is still available. Fans are reliving the days when they got their first ever Kylie Lip Kits.

The nostalgia is real among Jenner's most loyal fans.

Some are even taking to Twitter to tell Jenner which shade they bought first and why her brand is now their must-have. It's honestly super sweet and show that Kylie Cosmetics fans really do believe in the brand.

Others aren't indulging in nostalgia quite as much, but they do seem to want to get their hands on the new trio.

Others are just in love with the packaging.

Whether Jenner plans to keep curating trios or not, the creation of the OG Lip Trio was a brilliant idea. Not only does it allow fans to reminiscence about the first time they shopped the brand, but it gives them a major discount on some of Jenner's most iconic products. If you want shop the bundle, head over to Kylie Cosmetics now. If it's anything like the Posie K trio, it'll be gone soon.