Kylie Jenner Released Her Spring Lip Kit Shades & They Are Her Most Unique Hues Yet

Even with newborn daughter Stormi commanding so much of her time and attention, Kylie Jenner remains as committed as ever to her Kylie Cosmetics empire. The Spring 2018 Kylie Lip Kits are slated to drop on Tuesday, April 10, as revealed via the brand's ever-popular and heavily trafficked Instagram. Kylie Cosmetics is on track to be a beauty biz unicorn with sales in the billions and Jenner keeps customers satiated by frequently issuing new products.

There are four new lippie shades — two traditional mega Mattes and two Velvets. One shade will look familiar, simply because it is.

There's Say No More, a hot pink, totally poppin' Velvet. There's Ironic, a mossy green Matte which is designed for more adventurous makeupistas. We also have Boss, which is scarlet AF and looks like the color of blood. It's also a Matte. Lastly, Jenner is bringing back Bare, a beige nude in the Velvet iteration. Bare is back because fans requested it. Your voices are heard by Jenner and her team. You ask, she answers!

That's the beauty of Kylie Cosmetics. The brand often issues limited run shades that eventually come back due to customer demand — like the OG True Brown K. It's truly a symbiotic relationship on both sides.

The Kylie Lip Kit range has expanded exponentially over the years. It started out as three neutrals and has steadily grown to include all the colors of the rainbow and a variety of formulas. Lots of pinks, reds, and nudes already exist in the brand's repertoire. But each new Spring '18 shade has its own unique tones and is slightly different from other lippies in the same color family.

The swatches demonstrate the subtle and/or stark differences implicit in Ironic, Boss, and Say No More. Jenner has not been shy about doing unusual colors, like black, blue, green, and orange in the past. Still, Ironic is unlike any color she has done before in the green scene. It looks grass from a fresh garden.

Fans were quick to react to the new colors, which are indeed spring ready.

This customer commented about how original and unique these shades are in the sea of mattes that line the digital and brick and mortar makeup shelves.

Boss, Ironic, Say No More, and Bare are excellent additions to the Lip Kit lineup. Upon the reveal, shoppers seem most magnetically attracted to Ironic. It's the most unexpected shade and will likely be the quickest to sell out. Overall, if you are in the mood for a spring makeup upgrade or a matte lipstick refresh, you can certainly do so with these new lippies.

Jenner also demonstrated Boss, which makes sense, since she runs the show at Kylie Cosmetics.

This commenter thought that Boss looks like Mary Jo (true blue red) and Boujee (deep, rich red), which are the previously existing reds in the Lip Kit assortment. But the orange undertones of Boss are most definitely different. It might appear subtle on the box and in Insta pics — but it will look different against a variety of skin tones, in all types of lighting, and based on how naturally pigmented a user's lips are.

The matte Lip Kits are super richly pigmented and don't move no matter what you eat or drink or how much talking you do. The Velvets are a lighter, less long-wearing formula. The pigment and plushness are there, but the Velvet formula wears more comfortably. So if you prefer a matte you can re-apply after eating and aren't quite so interested in lippies that stay put for hours since those can get cakey, then the Velvets are your best bets. So try Bare or Say No More.

Happy shopping the new Spring 2018 Lip Kits on April 10.