This Concealer Was One Of 2017's Best-Selling Beauty Products — And It's Only $3

As any makeup lover could vouch, creating your beauty arsenal can really deplete your bank account. From filter-like foundations that creep towards the $50 mark, to high-end liquid lipsticks, to eyeshadow palettes that every beauty vlogger and their mother recommends, it's super easy to lose a whole paycheck at Sephora if you don't watch yourself. And while drugstore products are always available to balance out the pain, sometimes they're a hit or miss. Sometimes they act as total dupes for products that cost six times their price tag, or sometimes they're not even worth the extra-long Walgreens receipt they are printed on. But there is one product that is very much worth its hype, and has the praise of trusted makeup artists and beauty amateurs a like. The L.A. Girls HD Concealer was one of 2017's best selling beauty products — and it's only $3.

Yes, you heard that right. It costs less than a latte and will highlight you as well as any other department store brand. Save your money people, because you might as well skip that Urban Decay counter and instead invest in this steal.

According to Self, the PRO Conceal High-Definition Concealer was just named the top-selling color product at Walmart in 2017. And it's no shocker why: Carrying 25 different shades (way to be inclusive, L.A. Girl!) a variety of different skin tones can find their perfect match. The formula is also blendable and light-weight, while also hiding your spots and undereye circles.

L.A. Girl PRO Conceal High-Definition Concealer, $3, Walmart

"As soon as I put it on it felt so smooth and creamy and glided real easily on my skin. A little takes a long way because it conceals instantly," one reviewer wrote on Walmart. "This is an awesome product! i have redness on my face and the green does wonders to minimize the redness. These concealers are best sellers for a reason. great price too!" another one shared.

But sometimes you need to see the product in action in order to see if it's worth the hype or not. Check out these YouTube videos to see what trusted beauty bloggers think.

Kayleigh Noelle

Kayleigh opened the video by saying she had seen so many people on YouTube and Instagram raving about this product, but it's used more for highlighting, contouring, and sculpting your face, rather than hiding problem areas. She used it to both highlight and contour, and thought it was very pretty and had a nice softening effect on the skin. She also said it was a very light formula with a good amount of coverage. Final verdict? She loves it!

Rachael Nalumu

Rachel picked up the concealer in the color "Espresso," and used it to subtly highlight her face. Rather than doing a bold, Instagram-like highlight (which if she did, she said she would go down a shade to "Chestnut,") she instead wanted to try an everyday kind of look. At the end of the video she urged her followers to get the L.A. Girl concealer because it was so worth it.

Sammy Yoshikami

Sammy decided to do some comparison shopping and wanted to see if the $3 concealer was just as good as NARS' $30 concealer. When she started doing the L.A. Girl side of her face, her first reaction was a surprised, "Wow, this is blending out great." Once she did both sides of her face, she skipped the setting spray and checked in six hours later. The verdict? Nothing had changed. Both sides of her face were still flawless, there was no fading, any creasing, or oil spots. She checked in two hours later, and it was the same verdict. L.A. Girl is a total dupe!


If you have darker skin with dark spots and discoloration that need to be corrected, then Sushri is a huge fan of L.A. Girls HD Pro Concealer. Just choose the color correcting shades! In this video she teaches you how to even out your skin tone with three different colors, giving you full coverage.

So, the verdict is in: L.A. Girls HD Pro Concealer is so worth the hype — and for $3, it's worth checking out.