You Can Now Track Your Sun & Pollution Exposure Through Nail Art

L'Oreal USA

Wearable technology has been growing and transforming since the dawn of the tech boom. There's been clip-on period trackers, step counters, and even smart watches. But the latest may be the most innovative — and fashionable — of them all. Combining skin care and nail art like never before, beauty brand La Roche-Posay created a stick-on UV and pollution tracker. You'll never look at manicures the same again.

Your minimalist nail trend just got even more incredible. UV Sense is a tiny sticker meant to be worn on your finger nails and can be applied to and dry nail polish, according to Allure. It's connected to an app as long as your phone is close enough to your hand — but, let's be honest, is your phone ever not close to your hand? It will track your sun exposure, workouts, and pollution.

Basically, it's just as much of a workout genie as it is for skin care. For instance, you'll be able to track how much sun you're getting on a run and change your paths accordingly, or look at what time of the day is best — for your skin — for a jog.

"The central idea is UV monitoring, but you'll be able to customize your dashboard to show pollution, humidity, and temperature, too," Guive Balooch, who spearheaded the device's creation, told Allure. "Say you're going running. You can start a session on the app, and it will tell you all the environmental factors during your run, whether you were exposed to higher UV, for example, and it will recommend lifestyle or product solutions for those exposures."

L'Oreal USA

According to Allure, you'll be able to wear the abstract nail art-looking device for two weeks at a time. You'll also be able to take it off before that, if needed. It can be applied over all dry nail polish, but you'll have to take it off and reapply if you want to change polishes.

"We're providing the consumer the ability to reapply the adhesive and wear it again and again," Balooch told Allure in the interview. "It will last a few months or longer, and is very environmentally clean to dispose of, [and] it doesn't have a battery."

On top of being eco-friendly, reusable, and a major skin benefit, it also doubles as a cute little nail sticker. The half blue, half white sticker is simple, minimalist, and you'll barely even know it's there. According to Allure, it's nine millimeters around and two millimeters thick, which means that you don't need to have long nails to wear the device.

L'Oreal USA

The only downside is that there's no an exact price or launch date in sight. According to the publication, is set to launch in early 2019.

"We don't know the exact price today, but we will definitely target something under $50," Balooch says. "You won't pay much for this than a really good skin care product."

L'Oreal USA

In case you're not familiar, La Roche-Posay is known for its skin care products. The brand has everything from moisturizers and sunscreens to acne fighters. So it's really no surprise that they came up with something like this little environmental tracker.

If nothing else, this invention proves that the future of skin care is a bright one. With tech and beauty blending into one, there's no telling what will pop up in the market next. Say hello to the future of skin care, because it is here.