You Can Get A Themed LaCroix Pack For Your Fourth Of July Parties

by Brittany Bennett

When you think about it, the bubbles in seltzer water sort of feel like fireworks on the tongue. It's no wonder then that America's favorite sparkling water is celebrating Independence day in style. LaCroix has a pack for the Fourth of July, dubbed the "Americana pack," just in time for summer. This now begs the question: Why would you go see fireworks when you can taste them?

The LaCroix Sparkling Water Americana Pack won't pour red, white, and blue into your glass. In fact, the only thing patriotic about this pack is the packaging. LaCroix is spelled out in red and white stripes against a blue star background. But regardless of how many stripes and stars are involved, we all know that you have to invite this party pack of sparkling water to your Fourth of July festivities.

Nothing accentuates a hotdog or hamburger straight off the barbecue like a sip of sparkling water. Whether you're grilling or picnic-ing, there has to be a cooler stocked with LaCroix. Why not pick up a variety pack for versatility? The LaCroix Sparkling Water Americana Pack packs 24 cans of the sparkling water. Which, this Fourth of July we can agree are basically 12-ounce cans of fireworks.

The pack is full of six Pamplemousse (Grapefruit), 12 Tangerine, and six Passionfruit flavors. This "naturally essenced" beverage is still available on delivery service and retails for $13.47. Think of this variety pack like a fruit salad. Someone has to bring it to the barbecue!

If you still have your LaCroix swimsuit or trunks from last year's wildly popular line from Publicspace, now would be the time to dig that out of your closet. The Fourth of July typically calls for a pool party, and you won't want to pass up the opportunity to match your suit to the Americana Pack.

But the Pamplemousse, Tangerine, and Passionfruit flavors probably won't be the only flavors you'll sip after a dip. The sparkling water sensation debuted a new flavor for 2019. The HI-Biscus flavor will debut in parts of the west coast, which is great for those California nights but is unfortunate for east coasters. Thankfully the Americana pack and a multitude of other LaCroix favorites are available nationwide.

Your Fourth of July cooler can also be filled out with more LaCroix flavors like Berry, Apricot, Coconut, Key-Lime, Lemon, Mango and many other fruits that scream summer. After the Solstice on June 21, the Fourth of July is summer's biggest celebration. Gather all your friends and favorite LaCroix flavors in your backyard for fireworks all day long.

Sure, the actual fireworks show, once the sun has set, is a magical spectacle of shapes and colors. But that wonderment can be experienced with each sip of the sparkling water we cherish as LaCroix. The seltzer might not sound incredibly American and the flavors might not include "Apple Pie" or "Cherry Tree," but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a place at the barbecue. This Fourth of July, enjoy fireworks all day long with can after can of LaCroix from the Americana Pack.