LaCroix Just Dropped A New Flavor On Instagram — Here's Where To Get It


If there's one drink that's earned the title of cultish, it has to be that sparkling phenomenon that is LaCroix. What is it about LaCroix that makes people develop idolatry-level worship? The hints of almost flavor? The bubbles? The cans? OK, it's clearly the cans. LaCroix is one of the most undeniably Instagrammable drinks out there and now, there's another offering from their already huge range — the new LaCroix HI-Biscus flavor was announced on the company's social media and it is causing quite the stir.

"Thank you for the overwhelming response," the company wrote in an Instagram post. "Please welcome LaCroix’s newest innovation HI-Biscus! 🌺🌺🌺 HI-Biscus will soon be available starting in the Western United States." So sorry, eastern United States — I guess you'll have to wait a little bit longer than those out in yonder west for the new HI-Biscus flavor. Is it slightly annoying to have to call it the HI—Biscus flavor rather than just hibiscus? Yes, yes it is. Do I wonder why they didn't just make "hibiscus" to make all of our lives easier? Yes, yes I do. But that's the price we all have to pay for a drink that's going to taste something like something like something that almost takes like hibiscus. Sorry guys, I don't make the rules.

That being said, it does look beautiful, as all LaCroix products tend to look. The pink can comes with yellow, white, and green accents — and together, it's definitely calling out for summer. Expect it to be hitting your feeds soon and taking absolutely no prisoners.

Some of the internet has been very excited about this new development — with fans taking to Twitter to show their enthusiasm for the new flavor. LaCroix already has a lot to choose from (seriously, I found 16 different flavors on their website from their core collection alone), with everything from apricot, peach-pear, and pamplemousse making an appearance. But hibiscus is definitely on trend right now and perfect for this type of year, so no wonder it's making a splash.

That being said, not everyone has been here for the new HI-Biscus option. Some fans cried out for the flavors they were hoping to get — or just said that they were not feeling the hibiscus flavor. One thing is for certain, LaCroix fans have big opinions and aren't afraid to use them.

LaCroix has such a fierce following that people can get a little obsessive over their favorite LaCroix flavors and any changes to the lineup. I mean, they're so popular that LaCroix bathing suits have even become a thing — which I will never understand, but the internet seemed to have turned up for them. Apparently, LaCroix hair was even a thing for a while. LaCroix can seriously take over your entire life if you want it to.

You bewitch me, hardcore LaCroix fans. Do you want to drink the LaCroix? Do you want to be the LaCroix? Do you want both of these things? All I know is that there are some passionate feelings out ther — in fact, there is a whole sub-genre of LaCroix merch that shows just how far they're willing to go for their favorite drink. But will they go that far for the HI-Biscus option? We'll just have to wait and see.