Lady Gaga's Latest Dye Job Is Perfectly Peachy

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Summer definitely seems like the time of year to experiment with your hair color, if you’re into that kind of thing. Whether you’re lightening it or going for something bold and out of the box, a new dye job is bound to match the trends of the season. Lady Gaga dyed her hair peach, and the look couldn’t be more fitting for summer.

As Vogue points out, peach hues are super popular in the beauty world at the moment. You can find everything from fruit-scented eye shadows to pink-y blushes that will give you a natural-looking glow. And now that Gaga’s gone and dyed her mane — you’ve got all the inspo you’ll need to incorporate even more of the orange shade into your routine.

The singer posted a photo of a peached-out ponytail to Instagram. One look at her selfie, and you’ll be in love with the idea of sherbet strands for summer because this shade is just too pretty. Experimenting with hairstyles definitely isn’t new to Gaga. She’s tried blonde, brunette and even light pink in the past. Her ever-changing tresses definitely match her bold style moves, too. When it comes to fashion and beauty, there’s nothing she can’t pull off — and this latest look will prove it to you.

She's the peach emoji personified, and I couldn't be more into it. And even more beautiful than her hair was the message she had to spread. Gaga's post was all about promoting positive energy and beauty from the inside-out.

"It is not how many followers you have, how skinny or beautiful by other peoples standards that matters. Truly it's the best parts of you on the inside that you choose generously to share with your sister or brother that makes you beautiful. That's what counts. That is your legacy. That is how you leave your mark. Transferring your positive energy to those around you, and watching it multiply," she captioned the photo.

Based on the comments online, fans were touched by her words. But, of course, her newly dyed strands didn't go unnoticed.

Because there's nothing like self-love (and some fun peach color) to get you looking healthy and fresh this season.

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Expressing yourself through your style is incredibly freeing, and that's definitley something that Gaga can support.

She's pro doing whatever makes you feel beautiful. And if that means going and getting peach locks a la Gaga, go for it! If not — that's OK, too. You do you! But, that certainly doesn't mean you can't admire Gaga's fruity makeover. I know I'm in love with it, that's for sure!

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Yellow, pink, peach — I'm convinced she could rock any color of the rainbow. And honestly, so can you!