Lala Marathoned ‘Pump Rules’ & Loved It

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Just how irresistible is Vanderpump Rules, you ask? Even former star Lala Kent — a person who spent a majority of her time on the show butting heads with the rest of the cast, guarding her private life, and defending just about everything she did — cannot ignore its siren song. In her recent interviews with Juicy Scoop's Heather McDonald and TooFab, Kent said she recently marathoned Pump Rules. And she loved every second.

After rabble-rousing on Pump Rules for almost two seasons, Kent stepped away from her job at SUR (and her role on the series) in the middle of Season 5. To say she left on not great terms would be an understatement. Thanks to the winter bodies jab, the rumors about her secret boyfriend, the comments about Tom Schwartz, and the no-call, no-show at SUR, Kent’s relationship with a majority of the Pumpers is strained at best. But apparently, she wasn’t too burned by the show to throw on a whole pile of episodes and drink in every last minute.

“To be honest, I had never watched it until I was on it,” Kent told McDonald. “And a few weeks ago, I decided to start binge-watching, and these were episodes I wasn’t on, and I was so addicted. I’m like, ‘Oh, my god. How many episodes of Vanderpump have I watched?’ So I get the addiction now. It’s amazing.”

Every time one of my friends gives Pump Rules a try (and inevitably gets hooked), I am overcome with joy. It's just such a beautiful program and I want all of my close pals to experience its magic, you know? I feel the same way about Kent watching and appreciating Pump Rules.

Oh, you thought she’d be too over Pump Rules to watch it? You thought her experience was too gnarly and negative? Think again. Kent is a Pump Rules star-turned-prodigal SURver-turned-Pump Rules fan. Especially when she’s not on the series. “This is a great show when you're not involved,” Kent explained to TooFab. “Otherwise, it's just nerve-racking."

If (a) Season 6 happens, and (b) Kent doesn’t come back, it looks like we could have another devoted Pump Rules watcher on our hands. Welcome to the fold, Lala.