Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About 'Pump Rules' Star Lala Kent's Baby Bottles

Bravo/Bustle Illustration

Lala Kent is known for many things — infamously taking a bite of Raquel's pasta, having her boyfriends give her luxury cars and rides on private jets after the first date, and of course, drinking out of baby bottles. Though her penchant for warm milk and honey drunk from a bottle went almost immediately viral back on Season 6 of Vanderpump Rules, it's a habit she's continued both on- and off-camera. But what is it about baby bottles that Lala can't get enough of? While visiting Bustle's offices in April, the Vanderpump Rules star gave us the rundown on why her bubba is a part of her nightly routine.

"Think about a baby crying," she says, slipping into Professor Lala mode. "The adult version of a baby crying is a person having anxiety. Like, that’s our crying, as we get older." Babies love sucking on bottles because they're soothing, she reasons, so why would it be any different for adults? Grownups are just big babies, after all.

But the bottles aren't just for anxiety, she adds, explaining that they're really multi-use. It turns out that Lala gets really "bored" in the middle of the night and often also wakes up "super hungry." "I just wake up and want to eat everything," she says. To ward of random cravings at night, she fills a baby bottle with plain old water so that she can have a little "snack" without having to get up and brush her teeth again afterwards. Mostly, it keeps her occupied and simulates the feeling of having a treat. "My mouth is busy," Lala concludes with a little flourish of her hand.

It may seem like ages ago to fans, but it was only recently, in Season 6 of Vanderpump Rules, that Lala unleashed her baby bottle habit unto the world. In Episode 16, during the group vacation to Playa del Carmem, Lala filled her "bubbie" with warm milk and honey as Scheana looked on in horror, clutching the stuffed frog she sleeps with every night. "I am on a low dosage of my anti-anxiety medication," Lala said in a voiceover, explaining that the bottles calm her down without having to up any of her meds. Bravo fans and Scheana watched with bated breath at the time as Lala demonstrated her routine, settling into bed on her back, putting on her "favorite show," and propping the bottle on her chest for easy suckling.

Whether you have an idle mouth or want to try some self-soothing of your own, you can easily get your own bottle, just like Lala. She says that she gets them at Target — "there’s a pack that comes with three," Lala offers. And better yet? The bottles are practical, too. "They’re plastic, so I can just throw them in the dishwasher," Lala adds, as if anyone is to believe that she does her own dishes at her fiancé's house.

Even so, Lala's habit is entertaining for us, and it seems to be helping her, too. Don't knock something until you try it, right?