Lala's 'Pump Rules' Return Is Almost Here


Raise your glasses high, this one's for the latest "Next time on Vanderpump Rules" teaser. Y'all, Lala is in the preview for next Monday’s episode. Yes, the same Lala who vanished from the show once the gossip about her relationship boiled over and soaked all of the alleged NDAs. Just as Us Weekly reported, ex-Pumper Lala will appear on Pump Rules again this season. And if the preview is to be believed (and believe it is what I will do), Lala's return will actually happen before the finale. I can't wait to see how this unfolds.

(Prediction: Lala and the rest of the cast apologize to each other, exchange hugs, own up to their respective mistakes, and record a song together. You know, like a Pump Rules supergroup. Who produces the track, you ask? Duh, Hanky and Panky the swans. Only the best for this Pump Rules supergroup.)

“Stone the crows,” Lisa Vanderpump sighs in the preview. “Lala Kent is back.” Quick sidebar: “Stone the crows” is a fantastic turn of phrase. So ready to make it a part of my everyday life. I’m going to aggressively shoehorn it into conversations. Hope my friends and loved ones roll with it.

This Monday’s good, albeit relatively chill episode of Vanderpump Rules was a much-needed post-New Orleans trip cool down. Don’t get me wrong, I love gator pranks, wig caps, Four Loko tall boys, pee stained dresses, beer drool, and liquor-fueled shouting matches as much as the next goblin, but even goblins need to catch their breath from time to time. Especially when Lala’s homecoming is on the horizon.

You can watch the preview below.

I gotta wait at least a week for this? Stone the crows.