Easy Pranks To Play On April Fools' Day

April Fools' Day is the one day out of 365 a year it's acceptable to play the cruelest, coldest, most scare-inducing pranks on your closest friends. Any other day of the year, it's imperative to have a heart; otherwise, you probably wouldn't have any friends to play pranks on when Apr. 1 rolls around. The biggest challenge to this fateful day lies within the ill-fated question: What pranks will you play?

Some pranks require much thought, time, effort, and execution, and those pranks only warrant playing out every few years or so. Jokes are fun to play and even funnier to watch play out, but there are responsibilities to tend to, people to see, and first dates to be had – there just isn't always enough time in the day for a well-played prank.

This year, take the load off. You can still be funny without the hassle. With little effort and big reward, you can embarrass, scare, annoy, and irritate the hell out of the people you love most. All it takes is a straight face and some strategic moves to make April Fools' Day a total success.

Without further ado, here are a few super easy pranks for to play on your friends April Fools' Day 2017. Embellish at your own risk.

A Big Bug Scare

Place insect cut-outs on the inside of lampshades and sheer curtains, and watch your friends scream for help.

The "I've Got You Covered" Prank

Cover a room or desk in Post-It's, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, or the arts and crafts of your choice. It'll be a tedious task, but an even funnier one to watch your friends return to.

An Unappetizing Treat

Introduce fake bugs or rodents to a friend's leftovers to make their lunch that much more worthwhile.

A Classic Prank Call

Call your friends from an unknown number, pretend to be a radio station they've never heard of, and act like they've won a big prize.

Sriracha-Filled Donut Heist

Ruin donuts for a lifetime by filling them with Sriracha.

A Dog-Day Kidnapping

Take your friend's dog to the park and leave a ransom note. It's a cruel world.

An Accident Unseen

Leave a note on a car apologizing for an accident that didn't actually happen.

The "Nicolas Cage Sees You" Prank

Place photos of Nic Cage in at least 10 random places for your friend to find them. On the back write, "Nic Cage is watching."

The Egg-cellent Joke

Hard-boil all the eggs in the carton and put them back in the carton, back in the fridge, and watch your roommate crack each and every one to no avail.

The Tiny Concert Prank

Hide a small radio where your friends are hanging out and leave it playing just loud enough to be annoying, but unfound. It's like that fly you just can't kill.

The Musical Drawers Prank

Move around all the same-size drawers in someone's dresser.

The Dirty Underwear Joke

Buy some underwear, smear a little chocolate in them and leave a pair here and there.

The Naughty Co-Worker Prank

Write a co-worker's name in underwear and leave in the office bathroom. A classic case of "Whodunnit?"