Last Minute Best Friend Halloween Costume Ideas

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you and your bestie find yourselves headed to Halloween party on the fly without a costume, these last minute best friend Halloween 2017 costume ideas are easy to throw together. Seriously, with just a few items from your closet, or an overnight order from Amazon, no one will know that you haven't spent months planning your epic monster's ball outfit. A little creative thinking can help you quickly create a costume that honors your favorite musician, gives a nod to an epic scare pair, throws shade at social media, or has you going down a nostalgic rabbit hole.

Halloween is the one night each year where it's totally acceptable to wear something you wouldn't be able to any other day. I mean, you should be able to dress how you want every single day, but some employers might not appreciate you and your BFFs' Lady Gaga and Beyoncé "Telephone" costumes at the weekly staff meeting, especially if your BFF doesn't work there too. But, hey, that's OK because you and your bestie can take advantage of Halloween 2017 to rock some wild best friend costume ideas that everyone will definitely appreciate.

Having a partner in crime to pair up with Halloween is what makes the holiday so much fun. If you and your bestie need a last minute costume idea for Halloween 2017, consider going as one of these dynamic duos.

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1. Pinot Grigio Girls

If your bestie is your go-to rock when going through hard times, celebrate your friendship for Halloween 2017 by going as the Pinot Grigio Girls from Lady Gaga's "Joanne" album. The song Pinot Grigio Girls is an anthem about friends sticking together when times are tough, and she wrote it about her best friend Sonja Durham who died of breast cancer earlier this year.

You'll need: Kangaroo Pink Studded Felt Cowboy Hat, $10 Amazon | Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses Metal Frame Sunglasses, $12, Amazon | Happyyip Vintage Low Waist Fringe Denim Shorts, $15, Amazon | Choies Basic Crop Tank Top White Basic Sleeveless, $10, Amazon | California Roots Pinot Grigio, $5 Target

2. Rainbow Brite & Unicorn

Rainbow Brite was an magical cartoon doll who had her own unicorn, and if you grew up in the late '80s or '90s you may have had your own doll. It's super easy to put together a last minute best friend Rainbow Brite and Unicorn costume idea for Halloween 2017. And, it's a great way to support LGBTQ rights.

You'll Need: Rainbow Striped Stockings, $8, Amazon | Rainbow Striped Knit Gloves, $8, Amazon | Long Sleeve Casual T-shirt Dresses, $10, Amazon | Punk Spaghetti Strap Jumpsuit, $19, Amazon | Spiral Unicorn Horn Headband, $6, Amazon

3. Instagram Snaps

If you want to wear your own clothes, and carry a prop to give props to where you spend most of your time — Instagram, this Instagram snaps costume idea is a perfect last minute costume idea for you and your best friend for Halloween 2017. However, this idea will require you to get crafty. There's two ways to do this. If you are not into crafting (I'm not) you can simply get a white poster board from any drug store and cut out a square so the poster board looks like a polaroid. If you want to go all in, follow these directions from Ink Happi to make your costume Instagram worthy

4. Ketchup & Mustard

You'll need: Ketchup T-Shirt, $20, Amazon | Mustard T-Shirt, $20, Amazon

Ketchup and mustard (yellow mustard, not that fancy stuff) are pretty much the best condiments out there. If you and your bestie are totally out of time, this is a super simple costume idea for Halloween 2017.

5. Your Favorite Emojis

If you and your best friend communicate mostly via emojis, going as your two favorite emojis is an easy, and hilarious, last minute costume idea for Halloween 2017. Top if off with a emoji poop headband so everyone knows that your costume is the sh*t.

You'll need: Wink Tongue Out Crazy Emoji Shirt, $15, Amazon | Heart Eyes Funny Love Emoji Shirt, $15, Amazon | Sofra Women's Full Ankle Length Seamless Leggings, $6, Amazon

6. Troll Doll Twins

You'll Need: Troll Wig from Buy Costumes, $17, Buy Costumes

Nothing says the '90s like troll dolls. Transforming yourself into a troll doll for Halloween 2017 is a super simple best friend costume idea.

7. Your Favorite Orange Is The New Black Duo

Everyone has a favorite duo from Orange is the New Black. Whether it's Piper and Alex, Taystee and Suzanne, or Nicky and Lorna, dressing up from OITNB is super easy to do last minute, and it's a perfect best friend Halloween 2017 costume idea.

You'll need: Women's Scrub Set, $16, Amazon | Duofold Women's Mid Weight Wicking Thermal Shirt, $14, Amazon

8. Bea & Franky From Wentworth

I'm including this one because if you're not watching Wentworth on Netflix, you are totally missing out. I think this show is far and away superior to OITNB, and the best frenemies that everyone loves to root for, Bea and Franky, are a perfect and super simple best friend costume idea for Halloween 2017. And, you can totally wear this as pajamas for the rest of your life.

You'll need: Duofold Women's Thermal Shirt, $16, Amazon | Relaxed Drawstring Scrub Pants, $20, Amazon | Knitted Solid Zip-Up Hoodie Jacket, $18, Amazon

9. Flappers

The '20s was an epic decade for fashion, female rebellion, and dancing. If you and your best friend are going to a formal costume party, going as twin flappers is a stylish and fun last minute costume idea for Halloween 2017.

You'll need: Flapper Headband, $6, Amazon | Beaded Fringe Scalloped Flapper Dress, $16, Amazon

10. Two Bags Of Jelly Beans

If you and your bestie have literally waited until the last minute, and don't have time to get anything delivered for your costume, you can easily go as twin bags of jelly beans. This costume idea for Halloween 2017 just requires a trip to Target for some balloons and a clear plastic garbage bag. Blow up the balloons, make some leg and arm holes in the bag, fill the bag up with the balloons, and bam — you're a bag of jelly beans.

11. Thing 1 & Thing 2

You'll need: Blue Tutu, $12, Amazon | Blue Wig, $3, Amazon | Thing 1 T-Shirt, $14, Amazon | Thing 2 T-Shirt, $14, Amazon | Striped Tights, $5, Amazon

Pay homage to Dr. Seuss, and your friendship, by going for Halloween 2017 as Thing 1 and Thing 2. This best friend costume idea is easy to put together, and you can go all the way, or just get the shirts and be one and done.