Clown Halloween Costume Ideas That Range From Chic To Shook

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Portrait of a young man with friends at circus
FG Trade/E+/Getty Images

If you can't decide what you want to be for Halloween, and time is running out, let me make an unpopular suggestion: be a clown. Sure, they're scary, they're creepy, they evoke childhood nightmares, and they make your skin crawl...but isn't dressing up as the scariest thing you can think of exactly what Halloween is about? Yes, for this exact reason, you're going to want to check out some last minute clown Halloween costume ideas because not only are they easy to put together, they're everywhere.

I mean, I literally dare you to find a store or website that does not sell a ton of clown garb. It's everywhere — which means if you haven't planned your costume, being a clown in honestly your best bet. But not all clowns are created equal. If you're terrified of clowns, you might want to consider being a cute clown, or a glam clown, or a Parisian clown — really there are a lot of options if you get creative about it. No, that nightmare-inducing IT clown is not the only thing there is.

And, in case you don't even have time to think about what kind of clown you can stomach, here I've put together a list of a few options that you might want to consider. They range from chic to shook:

Emo Clown


Black Leggings, $9, Amazon | Black Body Suit, $18, Amazon | Neck Ruffle Collar, 36, River Island | Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner, $20, Amazon | Kat Von D Black Lipstick, $21, Sephora

No need to get scary, just get sad. You'll need a black bowler hat, a pair of black leggings, a black body suit, a neck ruffle, some black eyeliner (don't forget to drawn black tears), and some black lipstick.

Rainbow Clown


Rainbow Wig, $21, Maycool | White Body Suit, $14, Wearall | Bright Colored Tights, $8, ASOS | Pink Clown Nose, $1, Amazon | Blue Lipstick, $14, Barneys | Purple Eyeshadow, $16, Macys

This is more of a Rainbow-brite kind of clown. Totally cute, not at all creepy. You'll need a rainbow wig, a rainbow tutu, some bright colored tights, a white body suit, a pink clown nose, blue lipstick and purple eyeshadow. Just try to get as many colors in there as possible.

Pajama Clown


Patterned Pajama Pants, $6, George | Striped Pajama Shirt, $20, Boohoo | Star Slippers, $29, Macys | Clown Wig, $11, Yes Style | Clown Nose, 5, Amazon

Personally, I think clowns look like they're wearing PJs, so why not be comfy and literally just wear PJs? You'll need a pair of patterned pajama pants, a different patterned pajama top, a pair of funky slippers, and of course a colored wig and a clown nose.

Downtown Clown


White Ruffle Top, $70, Portmans | Faux Leather Pants, $76, Navabi | Clown Shoes, $62, Shoes

You don't really have to hit the nail on the head. If you're going for a more low-key look, this is your chic version of a clown. You'll need a white ruffled top, a pair of black faux leather pants, some clown shoes and a clown mask.

Creepy Clown


Overalls, $70, Zappos | Red and White Striped Shirt, $18, Zaful | Clown Wig and Hat Set, $15, Very | Clown Shoes, $80, Shoes | White Face Paint, $10, Amazon

Listen, if that's your thing, this is how you do it. You'll need a pair of yellow overalls, a striped shirt, a clown wig and hat, a clown nose, some clown shoes and some white face paint.

Murder Clown


Child Mimezack Mask, $17, Halloween Costume | Bloody Clown Costume, $33, Party City | Teddy Bear Back Pack, $35, Dolls Kill

If you want to go all out, this is the costume for you. First, you'll need a convincing mask that goes all the way around your head and hides your hair. Then you'll need a filthy looking clown suit and for added pizazz, you'll need some balloons and a teddy bear backpack.

Mime Clown


Classic Stripped Shirt, $6, Amazon | Black Pants, $26, Zaful | Suspenders, $39, Macys | Wool Beret, $14, M&Co | White Face Paint, $10, Amazon | Manic Panic Lip and Eye Liner, $11, Unique Vintage | Smash Box Red Lip Stick, $21, Macys

This French-inspired mime clown is definitely a lot more cute than it is scary. You'll need a classic striped shirt, some black pants, a pair of suspenders, a beret, some white face paint, black eyeliner, and red lipstick.

Nightmare Clown


Adult Clown Suit, $190, Etsy | Clown Doll Mask, $8, Spirit Halloween | Harley Quinn Bat, $13, Amazon

You know, the demented clown from your nightmares — vthat one! You'll need a beat up clown suit. Maybe you have one from when you were a kid, if your arms and legs stick out, that's even better. You'll also need a totally obscuring clown mask so that people have no idea who you are, and a baseball bat, for vibes.

Carnival Clown


Ruffle Pants, $10, Amazon | Ruffle Top, $10, Mango | Rainbow Boots, $145, Doc Martens | Clown Hat, $17, Amazon | A Red Nose, $6, Amazon | White Face Paint, $10, Amazon

This classic clown is more iconic than it is scary. If you do it right, it could actually look quite beautiful. You'll need a ruffle top, a pair of ruffle pants, some rainbow shoes, a clown hat, a red nose. and some face paint.

Lady Clown


Wiggles The Clown Costume, $23, Buy Costume | Striped Stockings, $8, Amazon | White Face Paint, $10, Amazon | Rainbow Wig, $40, Etsy

This is the Mrs. Claus of clowns. She's cute, but equally creepy. You'll need a colorful costume dress, a pair of striped stockings, a big lolly, a red nose, white face paint, a rainbow wig, and the more balloons the better.

Dinky Birthday Clown


Body Paint, $12, Newchic | Rainbow Glasses, $10, Amazon | Red Clown Nose, $1, Amazon | Rainbow Wig, $6, Amazon | Clown Costume, $29, Buy Costumes | Clown Shoes, $87, Overstock

This is the clown we all remember from birthday parties as kids. They were more silly than scary. You'll need a full face of face paint, some rainbow glasses, a clown nose, a rainbow wig, a clown costume, and clown shoes.