How To Throw A Last-Minute Easter Egg Hunt For Your Friends

by Kiersten Hickman

I think we can almost all agree that Easter egg hunts are pretty much the best thing that happened to Easter. It’s almost like Halloween — except with Easter, you can potentially have more candy than your siblings and shove it in their face if you find more eggs than they do. So, as an adult, not having an Easter egg hunt feels pretty much like a punch to the gut. Which is why you should pretty much break all Easter stereotypes and have one anyways with these simple steps on how to throw an Easter egg hunt.

Now that you’re a bit older, the hunting can get even more challenging. If you’re planning the event, you can spend time hiding eggs in more difficult places — like underneath the couch or on top of a climbable tree. You can also fill it with even more interesting items - like tiny bottles of wine, chocolate covered shots, or even more clues to where to find a stash of candy hidden somewhere in your home.

Another great thing about being adult is the fact that, well, alcohol can most certainly be involved. If you and your squad love to have a few drinks, an Easter egg hunt is about to be the perfect boozy brunch activity that you’ve always dreamed of.

So if you plan on throwing an Easter egg hunt for your friends this year, here’s a few tips to keep in mind.

Fill The Eggs With Something Fun

You could fill them with chocolate and other candies, or surprise them with a few adult treats!

Serve Lots Of Treats

Because a good Easter egg hunt always has an even better buffet table!

Make Sure They're Hard To Find

An easter egg hunt is way more fun when you give your guests a challenge!

But Make A Map...

Or else you’ll be like Kirk. Okay, maybe your eggs won’t actually be real, but still... melting chocolate in the sun is basically the equivalent of throwing gold into the sea.

Go Hungry, Hungry Hippo-Style

For something a little different, throw all of the eggs into the center of a room and use skateboards to roll your team back and forth into the pile.

Crown A Winner

Give a prize to the person who finds the most eggs! Maybe a huge bottle of bubbly?

Spend The Rest Of The Day Eating Candy

Because what kind of Easter egg hunt doesn’t involve a huge candy-eating session afterwards?