Last-Minute ‘The O.C.’ Halloween 2017 Costume Ideas That Will Take You Back To The '00s

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Here's a fact: All Hallows' Eve is only a caramel apple’s throw away. Here's another fact: The O.C. series finale aired 10 years ago this past February. Put these two things together, and what have you got? Some last-minute The O.C Halloween costume ideas. If you happen to be a fan of the primetime soap about a kid from Chino who moves to Newport Beach — and why wouldn't you be? — why not celebrate the tenth anniversary of the iconic show's final episode by dressing up like your favorite character? Welcome to The O.C. Halloween, witch.

Below you will find recipes for several different The O.C.-themed Halloween looks. If you can't find the exact items listed or they don’t work for you for one reason or another, please don’t pull a Summer and go into a rage blackout. Instead, feel free to make all the substitutions and amendments you want; you aren’t baking a cake. Think of the recipes below as a friendly guide to throwing together a The O.C. 'stume rather than an inflexible directive. Let's keep things as breezy as the name of Seth’s sailboat.

Alright, let's get to the garb.

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1. Seth Cohen: Patron Saint Of Emo Geeks Edition


Sweaters and Chuck Ts and angst, oh my!

An Argyle Sweater


Tommy Hilfiger Sweater, $60, Macy's

A Button-Down Shirt


Striped button-down, $25, H&M

A Pair Of Dark Blue Jeans

American Eagle

Boyfriend jeans, $50, American Eagle

A Pair Of Chuck Taylors


Converse Chuck Taylors, $50, Journeys

A Messenger Bag


Dickies messenger bag, $29, Target

A Death Cab For Cutie CD


Transatlanticism, $11, Amazon

2. Summer Roberts: Harbor School Edition


Shrunken polos, tube tops, camisoles, floral A-line skirts, bootcut jeans — Summer’s look is mid-aughts beach prep perfection.

A Bright Cardigan Or Zip-up Sweatshirt


August Silk cardigan, $30, Macy's

A Camisole


Yellow camisole, $20, H&M

A Flouncy Skirt

Charlotte Russe

White ruffle skirt, $12, Charlotte Russe

A Scarf For Your Hair


Cityelf scarf, $3.99, Amazon

Metallic High Heels


A New Day high heels, $30, Target

A Pair Of Hoops

Forever 21

Hoop earrings, $5, Forever 21

3. Ryan Atwood: “Whoever You Want Me To Be” Edition


Is there a more Ryan Atwood look than the outfit he wore when he and Marissa Cooper locked eyes for the first time? If someone asks you who you’re dressed up as, reply, “Whoever you want me to be.”

A White V-Neck T-Shirt


White T-Shirt, $8, Target

A Grey Zip-Up Hoodie


Grey sweatshirt, $20, H&M

A Leather Jacket


Biker jacket, $70, H&M

A Pair Of Boots


Mossimo Supply Co. boots, $30, Target

A Suede Choker


ArtMinds suede leather lace, $13, Michaels

4. Marissa Cooper: "Whoever You Want Me To Be" Edition


Here’s a chill costume based on what Coop wore the fateful night she met Ryan out on her driveway.

A White Sleeveless Blouse


Simply Vera Vera Wang tank top, $19, Kohl’s

A Pair Of Flares

American Eagle

Flare jeans, $46, American Eagle

A Pair Of Flats


A New Day ballet flats, $20, Target

A Small Bag That Fits In The Crook Of Your Armpit


Rosetti hobo bag, $28, Kohl's

5. Seth Cohen: Bribing Ryan With Bagels Edition


At the top of Season 2 episode “The Rainy Day Women,” Seth attempts to lure Ryan out of the pool house and into the rain with a bowl of bagels. It does not work. However, the moment did go on to live in GIF-famy.

A Grey Crewneck Sweatshirt


Sweatshirt, $13, H&M

Some Bootcut Jeans

Old Navy

Bootcut jeans, $27, Old Navy

A Bowl


Spectrum fruit bowl, $16, Target

Some Bagels


Archer Farms everything bagels, price varies, Target.

6. Summer Roberts: Wonder Woman Reveal Edition


In Season 1’s “The Best Chrismukkah Ever,” Summer surprises Seth with the Wonder Woman costume hidden beneath her cocktail dress. If you want to stay true to the look, you could pick up a Wonder Woman costume at a Halloween store near you. Or you could go all DIY and change into a homemade outfit in the middle of the evening (more on that in a second).

A Black Strapless Dress


Strapless dress, $12, Tobi

A Small Crown Hair Clip


Tiara comb, $15, Claire's

A Red Cotton Dress


Jersey dress, $13, H&M

A Wonder Woman Insignia Patch To Iron On The Dress

Joann Fabrics

Wonder Woman patch, $13, Joann Fabrics

Some Iron-On Stars For The Dress

Joann Fabrics

Wrights iron-on stars, $3, Joann Fabrics

And Some Yellow Puffy Paint To Write "I Hear You Like Comic Books, Cohen" On The Dress

Joann Fabrics

Tulip puffy paint, $4, Joann Fabrics

7. Marissa Cooper: Green Bow Hat Edition


In Season 2’s “The New Era,” Coop wore this breathtaking outfit to school. The pièce de résistance was, but of course, that hat with that green bow. This costume may prompt a lot of questions about who you’re supposed to be, but the diehards will know and respect the look.

A Maroon V-Neck Tank Top


Sleeveless V-neck, $20, Uniqlo

A Crisp Button-Down


Button-down shirt, $25, H&M

Some Slacks


Suit pants, $35, H&M

A Newsboy Hat


RaOn houndstooth newsboy cap, $20, Amazon

A Green Bow For The Newsboy Hat


Wee Ones green hair bow, $11, Amazon

A Brooch


Monet brooch, $26, JCPenney

Some Sparkly Flats


Blue by Betsey Johnson flats, $59, Zappos

8. Ryan Atwood: Cage Fighter Edition


At the beginning of Season 4, a grieving Ryan channeled his emotional pain into cage fighting. It was a short but memorable storyline that culminated in Ryan not killing Volkchok and going back to the Cohens' house.

Hand Wraps

Dick's Sporting Goods

Everlast hand wraps, $10, Dick’s Sporting Goods

A Ribbed Tank Top


Ava & Viv tank top, $8, Target

Bootcut Jeans

Old Navy

Bootcut jeans, $27, Old Navy

Fake Blood For The Hand Wraps

Party City

Fake blood, $6, Party City

Iron-On Letters So You Can Put "Have You Seen Kevin Volchok?" On The Shirt


Transfermations iron-on letters, $6, Michaels

9. Summer Roberts: “Mallpisode” Edition


While the Core Four was trapped in a mall overnight, they passed the time with a rousing game of roller hockey. Summer’s uniform was by far the best.

A Pink Hockey Jersey

Ice Warehouse

Bauer 600 pink hockey sweater, $30, Ice Warehouse

Bootcut Denim


Bootcut jeans, $40, H&M

A Hockey Stick


Franklin Sports hockey stick, $24, Target

Hockey Gloves


Franklin Sports hockey gloves, $45, Target

Shin Guards


Mylec Pads, $24.99, Amazon

Skate Shoes In Lieu Of Roller Skates (Unless You're Comfortable Rollerskating All Night, Of Course)


Skate shoes, $55, Heelys

A Hockey Mask


Unique's Shop hockey mask, $20, Amazon

10. Taylor Townsend: Harbor School Events Planner Edition

Warner Bros. Television Distribution; groundingone/YouTube

Leave out the fifth member of The Core Four? Never!

A Polo Shirt


St. John’s Bay polo, $10, JCPenney

A Pink Sweater To Tie Around Your Shoulders


Sweater, $25, H&M

A Pair Of Pink Shorts


Pink shorts, $30, H&M

A Pearl Necklace


Pearl necklace, $10, Target

Pearl Earrings


Pearl earrings, $3, Claire's

A Binder For All Of Your Event Planning Needs


Binder, $5, Staples

A Silver Watch


Carriage by Timex watch, $23, Target

A Pair Of Heels


Merona pointed toe pumps, $30, Target

11. Captain Oats: Horse Confidant Edition


Who wouldn’t want to dress up like Cohen’s prized toy horse?

A Horse Mask

Spirit Halloween

Horse head mask, $30, Spirit Halloween

A Brown T-Shirt


Long T-shirt, $18, H&M

Brown Leggings


LC Lauren Conrad leggings, $12, Kohl's

One Pair Of Brown Legwarmers For Your Forearms


Super Z Outlet leg warmers, $7, Amazon

One Pair Of White Leg Warmers For Your Legs


Super Z Outlet leg warmers, $7, Amazon

Iron-On Letters So You Can Put “Princess Sparkle’s Other Hoof, Er, Half” On The T-Shirt.


Transfermations iron-on letters, $6, Michaels

12. Princess Sparkle: Unicorn Confidant Edition


And who wouldn’t want to dress up like Summer’s prized toy unicorn?

A Unicorn Wig

Spirit Halloween

Unicorn wig, $25, Spirit Halloween

Purple Acrylic Paint For The Unicorn Wig's Ears & Horn


Martha Stewart acrylic paint, $2, Michaels

A Light Purple Shirt


Mossimo Supply Co. long sleeve T-shirt, $10, Target

Light Purple Pants

Forever 21

Lavender joggers, $20, Forever 21

Iron-On Letters To Put "My Heart Sparkles For Captain Oats" On The Shirt


Transfermations iron-on letters, $6, Michaels

13. Sandy Cohen: Just Got Home From Surfing Edition


Saved the best TV dad in history for last. Here’s how to go about paying homage to Sandy with your Halloween look.

A UC Berkeley Law T-Shirt


Berkeley Law shirt, $15, Amazon

Some Board Shorts


Mossimo Supply Co. board shorts, $25, Target

A Pair Of Flip Flops


Mossimo Supply Co. sandals, $15, Target

A Yogalates Mug

Cafe Press

Travel mug, $18, Cafe Press

An Eyebrow Pencil To Ensure Your Brows Make Peter Gallagher's Perfect Brows Proud

Wet n Wild

Color Icon brow pencil, $2, Wet n Wild

Or hey, if all else fails, just dig up your old velour tracksuit. Boom, you're Julie Cooper-Nichol-Cooper/Summer Roberts/every aughts it girl. Whatever you choose to do on the costume front, may your Halloween be as delightful as a properly schmeared bagel.