Laura Dern's 'Twin Peaks' Character Could Be An Important Presence From The Original Series

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Twin Peaks revival is bringing a lot of names — both linked to the original and not — to its titular town. But the new name that's perhaps bringing the most excitement is Laura Dern. While the reunion of Laura Dern and creator David Lynch's creative talents is cause for celebration, it's still not known what exactly the collaboration has produced. Lynch, Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost, and Dern herself have all been very secretive about who Laura Dern plays in Twin Peaks.

Dern, fresh of a major supporting role in Big Little Lies, is one of many celebrities taking on a role in Twin Peaks but is only one of a few who's new to Twin Peaks and is also a former David Lynch collaborator. Dern has previously worked with Lynch on his films Blue Velvet, Wild At Heart, and Inland Empire, but this marks the first television collaboration between the two. With Lynch and Dern reuniting, chances are that whatever character the actress plays will have a very important role in the events of the revival. Dern could be playing a brand new role that takes Twin Peaks in a new direction, but it's also possible that Dern could finally be putting a face to a familiar name.


One of the most important characters in all of Twin Peaks is one who is never seen or heard, but only spoken to. Diane, Agent Dale Cooper's secretary, is far more than just a secretary. She's an emotional keystone in Dale Cooper's life, whose existence and open ear keeps him grounded as things in Twin Peaks get more and more unusual. Since the inception of the series, fans have wondered who would be bringing a face to the beloved secretary and Laura Dern's casting has led to speculation that she'd be giving life to this well-known character.

Unfortunately for fans, the true face of Diane will almost certainly not be Dern. As Indiewire reports, Dern explained to audiences at a Television Critics Association Press Tour that "I am playing my very own character different from [any pre-established] characters." Judging from her comment, it seems that Laura Dern will be playing a brand-new role in Twin Peaks — and an important one at that, given her heavy involvement in promotional materials such as the Variety cover story on the Twin Peaks revival, which prominently features images of her and Dale Cooper himself, Kyle MacLachlan, in Dale's car.

Whoever Laura Dern is playing in Twin Peaks, it's safe to say that they're going to be a big deal. If her comments were meant to misdirect, Dern could be Diane. But she could also be a new resident of the town, a new personality in the Black Lodge, or even a new incarnation of the villainous BOB. What's certain is that a change is coming to the town of Twin Peaks, and Laura Dern will be a part of it one way or another.