This ‘Twin Peaks’ Teaser Takes Fans Right Back To Their Favorite Eerie Town — VIDEO

Get ready to roll out the chevron carpet and do a dance, because a fresh batch of Twin Peaks episodes is less than a month away. On Sunday, May 21, David Lynch’s follow-up to the cult TV series will premiere, and I am more amped than the Horne brothers were about those baguette sandwiches. On Friday, Showtime released a new teaser for the highly anticipated Twin Peaks revival, and while there aren’t any familiar human faces, any dialogue, or any drama, there is plenty to drink in. The star of the teaser: the town that shares a name with the TV show. And every last second is beautiful.

The clip features iconic show locations like the Double R Diner, Fat Trout Trailer Park, the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department, and, of course, the Red Room from Agent Cooper’s dreams. Every time I watch this video, it adds more fuel to the fire (walk with me) that is my excitement for the show’s return. It's so nice to be back in Twin Peaks, isn't it?

Each shot looks like a landscape painting. Or a desktop wallpaper. Or a postcard. Man, this video could totally be turned into a Twin Peaks postcard set. They wouldn’t be the first Twin Peaks postcards, but as far as I am concerned, there is literally no such thing as too many Twin Peaks postcards. If screen grabs of the preview were plopped on some 4” x 6” pieces of card stock, I believe in my heart of hearts that they would be exquisite. It’d be the perfect thing to send to a loved one while you’re busy marathoning the first two seasons of Twin Peaks the weekend before the revival kicks off. “Hi there,” you could scrawl on the back. “Having the best time re-watching Twin Peaks, can’t wait to see the new episodes. Wish you were here!”

Twin Peaks on YouTube

Picture a “Greetings from Dale Cooper’s Subconscious!” splashed across the lefthand corner of this screen grab.

Twin Peaks/YouTube

Now, try and tell me that wouldn’t be a damn fine cup of postcard. Oh, you can’t? That’s what I thought.