Lauren Graham Is On Team Wookiee In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Baby Mystery

The answer to one of the greatest TV questions of our time just got a little bit murkier. In a recent interview with People, Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham revealed her pick for the father of Rory's baby, and her answer was surprising. Channeling her inner Lorelai, the actor totally bypassed the expected choice, Logan, and instead said that the first time she read the script her money was on the Wookiee. Yes, Rory's one night stand with an anonymous line-standing source is the man Graham believes could be the father of Lorelai's grand-kid.

Of course, Graham is just offering up her guess. Logan is still the guy most likely to be the baby's biological father, but having Rory navigate the reality of raising a child with no firm knowledge about who its father is would be an intriguing twist — if Netflix ever wrangles all the busy actors together for a second Gilmore Girls revival. For now, Graham's words on why she doesn't want to know the definitive answer to Rory's mystery make so much sense. The actor told People,

"I honestly never asked the question and I didn’t want the answer because I know that Amy and Alexis have an agreed upon truth. But I really methoded out on that one because I was like, 'Lorelai didn’t know at the end and neither do I!' I think also, if there were ever even some sort of reunion, I would never want to blow that. Because she clearly didn't want to leave it completely answered."

Graham's pick is perfect because you know Lorelai would totally tease Rory about the possibility of the Wookiee being the dad, right down to some well-timed Star Wars "I am your father" jokes.

While there have been rumored talks between series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and Netflix for another Gilmore Girls return, the cast and crew are so busy that any future revival is probably a long way off. (If one ever happens at all.) Gilmore Girls devotees may have to be content with never knowing who the father of Rory's baby is or how Rory copes with motherhood.

As frustrating as that is, knowing that Graham (and probably Lorelai) are on Team Wookiee should bring a smile to your face. It's just further proof that even though Gilmore Girls is over, Graham will forever and always be Lorelai Gilmore, right down to her wicked sense of humor.