'Gilmore Girls' Fans Will Love Lauren Graham's 'Extraordinary' New TV Role

Lauren Graham from 'Gilmore Girls' posing in a black dress on the red carpet.
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It remains unclear whether or not the Gilmore Girls revival will ever return for a second season on Netflix, but fans will be pleased to know that Lauren Graham will be returning to TV in the very near future and the new role that she's acquired can only be described in one way: extraordinary. According to TVLine, Graham joined the cast of NBC's midseason dramedy Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist in a series regular capacity. She'll be playing the part of Joan, the boss of Jane Levy's lead character, Zoey — a young computer coder who mysteriously develops the ability to hear the innermost wants and desires of the people around her through the means of song (hence the Playlist part of the title).

As you can imagine, Zoey is initially both scared and confused about what this new development in her life could mean, but she soon realizes that what first felt like a curse could end up proving to be an incredible gift. Some may even call it extraordinary. In addition to Levy and Graham, the cast also includes the likes of Skylar Astin (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), Alex Newell (Glee), Mary Steenburgen (Book Club), Peter Gallagher (The O.C.), John Clarence Stewart (Luke Cage), and Andrew Leeds (Barry).

Evidently, Graham serves as a replacement for Carmen Cusack, who portrayed Zoey's boss in the initial pilot. This appears to be somewhat of a trend for the beloved Gilmore Girls star, who joined NBC's Parenthood in a recast decision, replacing Maura Tierney in the role of Sarah Braverman. The series lasted for a total of six seasons and made fans burst into a tears on an almost weekly basis. (Basically, Parenthood walked, so This Is Us could run.)

Prior to this, Graham made the dreams of countless fans come true by reprising her role as Lorelai Gilmore in the 2016 Netflix four-part revival series Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. The project has yet to be picked up for another season and now that Graham is tied to a new series, the prospect of that happening may be getting further and further away. But at least viewers can take comfort in knowing that they won't have to go without Graham appearing on their television screens much longer.

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist has yet to be given an official release date, however, you can expect it to pop up somewhere in the NBC midseason lineup. And since this show is looking to include a few musical elements, it's possible fans will be treated to Graham performing a song or two, if the opportunity presents itself.

Other TV credits under Graham's belt include a multi-episode arc on Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Odd Couple, Web Therapy, NewsRadio, Law & Order, Seinfeld, and Caroline in the City. Now she'll have one more series to add to her already impressive resume. It may not be quite as exciting as the idea of another Gilmore Girls installment, but fans everywhere can agree that it's certainly the next best thing.