Chris Meloni Posts A Shirtless, But Political Pic

Jerod Harris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Following the inauguration of Donald Trump, celebrities have continued to take to social media to challenge the politics of the new president. And the one of the latest actors to express just how anti-Trump he is is Law & Order: SVU's Chris Meloni. The actor played Detective Elliot Stabler on the show and is incredibly vocal on social media. As well as frequently interacting with trolls, Meloni posted a topless photo of himself with a very political message. While it's not totally clear why the actor felt the need to take his shirt off for the selfie, fans of Law & Order: SVU probably aren't complaining.

Meloni's tweets have become incredibly heated since Trump was inaugurated, and his latest selfie is political and intends to send a message. Meloni wrote alongside his photo,

"The revolution is upon us. If u can't see the con then u r willfully blind. #Resist."

Looking directly into the camera, in a darkened room, but with a spotlight on his body and face, Meloni seems to call out his critics, and anyone who voted for Trump. While the majority of the actor's tweets are filled with expletives, he makes his points succinctly. The True Blood actor seems to be against the majority of Trump's policies, and refuses to stand by while negative governmental changes take place. Slightly strange topless photo or not, Meloni is doing a valiant thing with his Twitter account.

On Wednesday, Meloni asked his followers,

"how is censoring OUR govt giving govt back to the ppl? Sounds like how dictators control the ppl. Thoughts?"

Meloni's awareness of the changes that Trump has implemented already is so important, and his use of social media to stand up for his beliefs is inspiring. As for posting that topless photo, I think all Law & Order: SVU fans will attest to sharing a deep and unwavering love for Detective Stabler. Swoon.

Plus, let's not forget when, in Nov. 2014, Meloni declared himself Sexiest Chris Of The Year. Sorry Pratt and Hemsworth, but Meloni is definitely winning right now.