This Nail Polish Bottle Has A "Swatch Cap" That Lets You Test A Shade Before You Buy

The nail polish industry is about to be disrupted. Anaheim, California-based LBK Nails isn't changing the game with its color assortment, its safe, 7-free formula, or its nail art-encouraging textures. Because let's be honest — a lot of brands are doing that. Rather, LBK Nails has launched nail polish with a swatch cap. The flap is built into the cap. It's pretty brilliant and eliminates the guess work that goes along with shopping for a mani and pedi lacquer.

Who hasn't been perusing dozens of bottles at CVS or Target and thought, "Jeez, I dunno if that color is going to look good on my skin tone or with my nail shape!?" Those things factor heavily into deciding how your mani will look and therefore which polish to purchase. The LBK swatch cap let's you "try on" the color without having to open the bottle or make a mess of your current mani.

No more nail polish trial and error! No more grabbing a new hue, taking it home, trying it once, hating it IRL, and leaving it to sit on a shelf because it looked better in the store and under its lighting.

All 48 shades of the brand's vegan-friendly, gel-effect polishes feature the innovative cap. It boasts a hinged design that doubles as faux plastic nail painted the exact color contained in the bottle.

If you flip the flap up, the nail then acts as an overlay for the real fingernail and allows you to see what the color would look like on your nail.

LBK founder Tony Kemeny wanted to craft "a universally practical product," according to the press release received by Bustle. Indeed, the nail flap is a useful tool for nail art lovers. It also alleviates the problem of consumers opening or testing product in the store on the DL and ultimately rendering a bottle unsellable. Buh-bye waste and any resulting messes.

So much packaging is ultimately superfluous. Sure, it serves a purpose since it's designed to grab your attention and influence your purchase by looking pretty, unusual, cool, or some combination of the three. However, if you can't upcycle or repurpose it, it becomes waste. These LBK swatch flaps are fully functional.

Courtesy of LBK Nails

Here's how the LBK swatch flap cap looks and works! You can't help but wonder why someone in the nail industry hadn't thought of this concept already. Nail polish is impossible to test. You can swipe a lipstick on your pucker, peep your pout in the mirror, and decide if it looks good enough to purchase.

With nail colors, you don't have that sort of freedom. You have to paint a digit and wait for it to dry. You also have to apply an additional coat to truly appreciate the depth of the color without streaks. You have to be careful not to spill any of the product or stain your cuticles.

Testing polish shades wasn't a workable situation until LBK entered the conversation and introduced this swatch cap.

Check out the shade selection. There are so many gorgeous colors in the brand's extensive repertoire.

Flip it! LBK polishes sell for $9.95 per bottle.

This cap is basically reinventing how you shop for nail polish. It's not only incredibly frustrating to grab a lacquer from the drugstore only to fall out of love with after wearing it one time. It's also a waste of money. The flap cap also lessens the likelihood of returns.

Kemeny called it "a product that revolutionizes how people find their new favorite nail polish" and that's exactly what it is.

Happy swatching.