Le Creuset's Lavender Line Is On Sale & You're Going To Want Every Single Piece

by Mia Mercado
Le Creuset

Friends, gather up your recipes and get ready to figure out what exactly a dutch oven is used for because Le Creuset is having a sale on lavender cookware. It’s all your favorite things in one sentence: Sale! Lavender! Cookware you maybe don’t know how to use! You can shop the Le Creuset collection on Nordstrom’s website where the light purple cookware is 20 percent off. Does your life need a tea bag holder shaped like a teapot? Of course it does and now you can get one in lavender for just $9.

If you’re not familiar with Le Creuset’s Provence collection, it is an ~*aesthetic*~. Inspired by the French city, the Provence collection features a purple shade reminiscent of the Pantone 2018 Color of the Year: Ultra Violet (or Pantone 18-3838, if you’re nasty). It has all your cookware needs from the aforementioned tea bag holder to a 2 1/4 quart flower-shaped cocotte to a 3 1/4 quart chef’s oven among many other kitchen goods you’ll definitely have to Google in order to figure out what exactly they are used for.

If nothing else, they will make beautiful decor on your kitchen countertops. Decor requires little to no Googling!

Then, when people come by, they’ll say, “Oh, what a beautiful lavender dutch oven you have! What do you make in it?” And you can say, “It was on sale!” And they’ll be like, “That’s not what I asked?” And you’ll be like, “20 percent off, though!” How French!

Le Creuset’s Provence collection features such essentials as a Pie Bird. It is an enameled stoneware bird you put on your pie and it somehow makes them taste good? According to the Nordstrom listing a pie bird “releases steam from your pie, ensuring a crispy crust without an overbaked filling.” All this time, you’ve been making steamy pies with overbaked filling. Well, fear not because now you can get a pie bird for just $13. Plus, it comes in lavender. Trendy and functional! Again, if nothing else, the bird is lovely decor that will keep you company Snow White-style as you bake pastries.

The sale also includes an espresso mug. Now those are words we all know. It’s a mug, perfectly sized for an espresso. The 3.5 ounce mug is dishwasher safe as well, which is good to know. For just $10, you too can “[bring] a new level of seriousness” to your espresso, as Nordstrom’s posting puts it. It’s a cute, lil lavender mug. You can put coffee in it. You can put whiskey on ice in it. No one will know the difference as they will be distracted by the aforementioned cuteness of your lil mug.

Last month, Le Creuset launched a pastel mini-collection called Sorbet featuring all the tiny kitchen cookware you never knew you needed. The collection includes a set of four ice cream bowls in pastel blue, pink, yellow, and green. There’s also a set of six espresso mugs in the same pastel color palette. If you still haven’t had your fill of tiny, pastel things, there are also itty bitty ramekins and itty bitty mini cocottes and even itty bitty teaspoons all part of the Sorbet collection. If that didn’t fulfill all your millennial dreams, last year Le Creuset launched a sugar pink line featuring cookware in a gorgeous matte pink. You know what makes a pie taste better? When it’s cooked in a pie dish featuring a lovely pastel color.

While the discount may not be enough to make your rush out to stock your kitchen with brand new, lavender cookware, the sale does include some decent, affordable deals. Some cocottes run as much as $300. With this sale, you can get a flower-shaped one for $200. Great news if you know what a cocotte is and how to use it.

If nothing else, it is wedding season. What newlyweds would say no to couple stoneware bistro mugs in lavender?