You Can Actually Afford Some Of Le Creuset's Dreamy New Millennial Pink Line

Le Creuset/YouTube

While the baby boomers seem largely focused on all the things millennials have "killed," let us take a moment to appreciate one industry that we have decidedly revitalized: all things millennial pink. The latest company to jump on the fairy daydream bandwagon is Le Creuset's millennial pink cookware, which is formally known as Sugar Pink Matte. The best part? Despite Le Creuset's famously hefty price tags, some of the items are actually somewhat affordable, even on your millennial pink budget (which I assume is the hue we are using rather than metaphors about "going in the red").

I don't mean to be one of those hipsters, but I would like to take this moment to say that my fam was into millennial pink before it was "millennial" pink, and my mom has spent over a decade diligently collecting and even painting over appliances to achieve the aesthetic of the pink kitchen in my childhood home. That being said, we are more than happy to see other people finally appreciating pink in all of its majesty.

And truly, what better place for pink than in a kitchen? From a psychological standpoint, it can only stand to improve your life and times. Despite being considered a "bright" color, pink — particularly a shade dubbed Baker-Miller pink, a shade very close to the millennial pink we all prize — has calming effects. It's why one police station used it to paint their "drunk tank," and why stadiums will paint the opposing team's locker room pink so they have to look at it before a game; the color has a subduing, calming effect. Now you can make your life a little less "if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen" and a little more "if you can't take the heat, paint everything an aggressive and Instagram-friendly shade of pink."

And if you're looking for long-lasting cookware pieces to tie the whole room together, then Le Creuset's new line is your best bet.

This actually isn't Le Creuset's first pink line; in Spring 2016, they introduced a slightly darker variation of this line called Hibiscus. The Sugar Pink Matte line has swiftly risen in popularity thanks to this internet eating up all things millennial pink, and there's plenty of it to collect, with 23 items ranging in price from $6 to $300. Here are a few of the best bets to liven up your kitchen this fall:

Sugar Matte Pink French Press

Not to be a total enabler here, but if you're a coffee drinker, when in your life will you not appreciate having this in your kitchen? Plus, something like this lives on a counter and is going to be on full display at all times. It basically doubles as art! (My superpower is talking anyone into buying anything, including myself. Please send help.)

Sugar Pink Matte French Press, $68, Le Creuset

Sugar Pink Matte Mug

If you can't shell out enough for an ~investment piece~ from this line, both the mugs ($15) and the more rounded bistro mugs ($20) are relatively affordable as single pieces on their own. Can I get an amen from my fellow mug hoarders in the back?

Sugar Pink Matte Mug, $15, Le Creuset | Sugar Pink Bistro Mug, $20, Le Creuset

Sugar Pink Matte Oval Dutch Oven

You can use this puppy on your stovetop or in your oven, and right now is the perfect season for trying out some cozy new recipes at home. Here are a few autumn-friendly recipe ideas to get you started.

Sugar Pink Matte Oval Dutch Oven, $200, Le Creuset

Sugar Pink Matte Heritage Pie Dish

Whether you're doing Thanksgiving with the family this year or staying local and having yourself a Friendsgiving with your pals, this dish is just classy enough looking that maybe nobody will notice that you may have, uh, gotten a little liberal measuring the sugar out for that apple pie.

Sugar Pink Matte Heritage Pie Dish, $50, Le Creuset

As always, these dishes come in all sorts of different colors and variations on Le Creuset's website — but if you think you can take a look at the full line without hearing your bank account start to scream faintly in the distance, the full Sugar Pink Matte line is on their website here.