Le Creuset Just Launched A Whole Line Of Mini Pastel Items & They're All Actually Affordable

Le Creuset

Le Creuset cookware is so beautiful, you'll buy it, pretend to cook with it, and then post about it on Instagram even though you definitely had Pop-Tarts for dinner. When our managers think we're working, sorry, no, we're definitely on Le Creuset's Facebook page. A deafening hush fell across the world upon finding out Le Creuset has a new line of mini pastel cookware, some of which are perfect for the mini blackberry cobblers I'm never going to make.

They're calling it The Sorbet Collection, and they're going to give your kitchen a summery splash of color. The line includes quite the variety of items: ice cream bowls, mini cocottes, mini bowls (not to be confused with ice cream bowls, which are far bigger, for obvious reasons), mugs, espresso mugs, mini ramekins, teaspoons, and even tiny, Dutch oven-shaped magnets. Prices range from $20 to $80, and everything comes in either sets of four or six.

Personally, I'm eyeing the ice cream bowls, although I'm still partial to eating it directly from the carton when no one's looking.

Presentation is everything, and The Sorbet Collection is Le Creuset's answer to people who want to at least pretend to prepare and serve delicious food and, you know, look good while they're doing it.

Behold, the ice cream bowls — changing the way we enjoy nighttime snacks... forever.

Ice Cream Bowls, $60, Le Creuset

And the espresso mugs — my God, the espresso mugs! So breathtaking, I almost forgot that time I down two shots and started slurring my words.

Espresso Mugs, $50, Le Creuset

Can we please talk about these adorbs magnets? I can't think of a better way to hang stuff on the fridge — like your daughter's report card, or that picture of your mom drunk at your sister's wedding. Memories...

Magnets, $20, Le Creuset

Although they're not suitable for ice cream (unless you eat from all six at once), I've got to give out a shout-out to these mini bowls. I'd never eat from them, because I never eat anything that could fit in a bowl that small. But! Le Creuset points out they come in handy for kitchen food prep, and I can definitely see myself putting some of the ingredients for my famous cauliflower au gratin in these, right before throwing everything out and ordering sushi.

Mini Bowls, $50, Le Creuset

But perhaps the best — the pièce de résistance, if you will — are the mini cocottes, also known as the Dutch oven. For those of you who aren't as French-, Dutch-, and cooking-savvy as me (or just don't feel like Googling it, like I did), cocotte cooking is when you place uncooked food — often meat and vegetables — into the stoneware, put the lid on, and cook it over gentle heat, as explained by Fine Dining Lovers. The food comes out flavorful and tender, and you don't even need to add any liquid.

Also, look how purty they are.

Mini Cocottes, $80, Le Creuset

In all seriousness, having the proper cookware can make or break your meal. It could be the difference between chicken that's dry, tough, and impossible to chew, and chicken that melts in your mouth and makes you weep.

Le Creuset has raised the bar, too. When you see one of their Dutch ovens, you know you're looking at Le Creuset. These are the same folks who once teamed up with Disney to make the most epic Mickey-themed cookware. The are the same folks who created a line of millennial pink kitchen stuff and warmed our little snowflake hearts. It doesn't hurt that their cookware and bakeware lasts forever, too. Take the ice cream bowls, for instance. They can withstand any temperature and they won't crack. The mini ramekins? So tough, you can cut on them with a knife and not leave any damage. These aren't just a pretty addition to your kitchen. They'll help you cook the tasty meals you've always dreamed of.

The Sorbet Collection is just in time for summer. What are you going to whip up in the kitchen this season?