Leandra Medine Had Incredibly Specific Inspiration For Her New Mango Collection

The Leandra Medine x Mango Collection is available now on the Mango website
Courtesy of Mango

Imagine yourself in France during a '60s winter. You're at a snowy party with friends. You're by the fire with the chicest cup of hot cocoa (and maybe a bit of Bailey's). That aesthetic you're imagining? It's the exact inspiration for the new Leandra Medine x Mango collection.

Bustle spoke with Medine about her latest collaboration with Mango, and the writer and Man Repeller creator explained her collection in a manner so succinct and accurate (partially because hello, she created it) that it's hard not to immediately envision yourself the way she wanted those who wear the new pieces to be seen.

Medine tells Bustle her new Mango collection is based on, "a New Year's Eve party, at a ski town, in France among 1960s recent college grads, from a school in New England." Incredibly specific, right? Medine, however, goes on to narrow down the look a bit more describing her new pieces as cozy and casual, quintessentially American, but with a European flair.

If you're familiar with Medine's style, you'll immediately recognize just how integral her perspective is to the collection. Classic pieces are given subtle but meaningful party-vibe details like floral embroidery, jewel buttons, and textured fabrics embroidered with sequins. Everything is very Medine, and she explains to Bustle that was partially her goal.

"When I went into designing it, I was thinking to myself, what do I need to make, so that I won't want to buy anything this fall?" she says "And, so, that's kind of what I made."

While Medine flew to Barcelona to help create the collection — showing Mango images of everything from vintage New England college styles to Christmas at Ralph Lauren's home and editing and curating designs — ultimately, she tells Bustle that it was marketing the collection that became her favorite part of the process. The reason? It's who she is as a storyteller.

She tells Bustle, "As much as I love a good product, I'm much more about the emotionality around the product, than I am the actual piece."

Courtesy of Mango

Medine's ability to story tell is, however, incredibly obvious in the connection between the inspiration she told Bustle about earlier and the designs themselves. Quickly, upon viewing the pieces, the idea of dressing up to stay indoors at your ski chalet becomes obvious. From the tall pair of boots she created to the floral embroidered dress and cardigan to the ultra-chic rose-covered jacquard jacket, everything is cohesive in a way that makes her story clear and makes you want to be part of it.

If you've ever imagined yourself lounging fireside at a French ski resort after finishing your final exams as a Yale student, Medine and Mango have created the look for that.

You can shop the Leandra Medine x Mango collection now on the brand's website.