Lee Apologizes To Rachel On 'The Bachelorette: Men Tell All," But He's Not Getting Off That Easily

This season of The Bachelorette came with its own set of issues besides the regular old love ones. Lee's racist tweets put a shadow over the whole season, and because they were released after the show had filmed, Rachel wasn't able to react to them until now. The Men Tell All special always drags up the feelings, y'all! Rachel confronted Lee on Monday night, and Lee apologized to Rachel for his racist tweets. It's over, right? Well, he didn't get off that easily.

When asked about Lee's behavior, Rachel said that Lee should have learned from the experience of being around men from different cultures and different backgrounds instead of being the confrontational jerk that he was that whole time (she was right). When Rachel was done schooling Lee (because she is a lawyer and knows how to use her words to maximum advantage), Lee offered up his very own mea culpa:

Oh, Lee. If only it was that easy. But if you saw Rachel dump DeMario, you know she doesn't suffer fools. Rachel accepted his apology, but she couldn't help but get the last word. She said:

Hopefully, Lee is as sorry as he says he is and that he's learned from all of this. We'll see.