This Houdini Highlighter Is The True Definition Of "Now You See It, Now You Don't"


Now you see it, now you don't. Lemonhead LA created literal magic in a jar with its newest highlighter, and those who are obsessed with taking their highlighting game to new heights are going to run to the cashier with this new release. Lemonhead LA's Houdini Spacepaste is a highlighter with a trick up its sleeve: In one instant it's there, in another it's not.

That's right people, a brand has finally invented disappearing highlighter, and it's going to take your makeup routine onto a whole other level. When you uncap the jar, the highlighter looks like a silver-white cream with lavender flecks dispersed across it. Very galactic, very sci-fi, very other-wordly. But when you work it into your skin, it turns clear and seemingly disappears.

At first glance, this could feel very disappointing. The product in the jar looked like something a couture space alien might put on, but then it just goes sheer on your cheekbone? Boo. But wait, you have judged too soon! With a shift of the head and a new angle with the light, the highlighter reappears and you get an icy burst of lavender color on your cheeks.

It's such a fun product, and really intensely pigmented to boot.

Just like its namesake, the highlighter pulls a Houdini and disappears and reappears in the flash of an eye! And here is how it looks when you scoop it out of the container:

Houdini Highlite Spacepaste, $22, Lemonhead LA

For $22 a bottle it's a bit on the pricier side when it comes to highlighters, but judging by the Instagram response, beauty lovers don't mind. After sharing sneak peeks of the release on the brand's account, followers bombarded the photos with praise and excitement. And with over 17 thousand likes after just one day, it's a product with a lot of hype. But with hype comes questions and concerns.

Some people took a look at the glitter and wanted to know if it was biodegradable. After all, we're past the point where we're going to hurt the environment and ocean for the sake of some sparkles. Luckily, Lemonhead LA answered those pressing questions on Instagram, directly calming their followers' fears.

"We use both cosmetic PET and plant based but both degrade in the same amount of time according to manufacturers," Lemonhead answered in the comments.

Another person was already thinking of weekend party looks and asked if the disappearing highlighter would catch underneath neon lights.

"It will catch the light but we actually make UV neon light activated vegan glitter gels called #GLOWJAM available on the site!" the brand answered, linking their product.

For those unfamiliar, Glowjam is a glitter balm with an UV base that comes in a series of different neon colors. When they're underneath a black light, they turn bright white, making it a fun option for festivals, raves, and clubs.

One follower wondered how it would feel on the skin, and wheteher it would dry all the way or stay on as a sticky gloss. The brand answered that the product will dry fully within one to two minutes, depending on the thickness of the application.

The only question that wasn't answered in the thread was how this product looks on all skin tones, but maybe the brand is gearing up for a swatch video or photo that will answer that question directly.

If you're looking for a fun and novel new highlighter, this one is definitely it. Impress all your friends with your magic skills and turn that glow on at will.