'The Bachelorette' Fans Asked Leo For His Hair Routine & His Response Was So On Brand

People tend to claim that, upon meeting someone for the first time, they notice the way they smile or the color of their eyes. But that wasn't the case for Leo on The Bachelorette this season. When Becca Kufrin laid eyes on him as he stepped out of the limo to greet her on the season's premiere, they fixated on a feature of his that's impossible to miss: his voluminous, chocolate-colored, shoulder-length mane.

Curls swept his collarbone as he let them down from a topknot after exiting the limo — no extravagant, over-produced entrance needed. "I figured the best thing to do would be to let all our hair down," Leo said to Becca. "You have hair like my sister!" she exclaimed. "Can I touch it?"

Viewers fell instantly in love with him. And his hair. Bachelor Nation is just dying to know how he achieves those effortless, frizz-free curls, because it has to be more than just leave-in conditioner. Being the humble, generous guy that he is, Leo is obliging. Just days before he was eliminated, he tweeted that he was working diligently on a hair care routine to share with his adoring followers, who are, to say the very least, bursting with anticipation.

A less down-to-earth, more prideful The Bachelorette contestant would want to keep his secret to good hair just that, a secret. He'd want to keep people wondering, in order to capitalize on the interest somehow later. (We all know the type.) But Leo is simply not that guy — even though he's been working on his Tarzan-Fabio-Jesus look literally since 2013. That's five whole years. Sure, the curls come naturally. But that kind of dedication is groomed. Pun intended.

Little did Leo — ahem — Leandro know, that "look" he was working on five years ago would be his defining feature when he made his debut on national television. Now, fans can't get enough of it.

The Beginnings Of "The Look"

Some Think His Locks Hide Ancient Secrets

Another Was Hypnotized By The Waves

Even Leo Knows His Look Is Iconic

He hasn't shared many more hair care deets since saying he was working on assembling something to share with his fans. However, the official Twitter account of The Bachelorette tweeted a GIF of him spraying an unknown substance into his curls early on, and one fan asked him about the product. According to Leo, the bottle contained hooves of a centaur, which is a mythological human-horse hybrid that's "tough to find in the States."

They don't just want a product list, either. They're also demanding a messy bun how-to because, well, his man bun game is admittedly very strong.

Being left to their own devices to theorize what encases Leo's curls so blissfully, fans have come up with some pretty logical (and also humorous) guesses. And people with similar hair are just dying to know how he gets it to look so luscious.

People Are Really Excited

Although Leo was eliminated, his hair (and everything else about him) has propelled him into fan favorite territory, which means it's entirely possible that he could walk onto Bachelor In Paradise at some point this summer. His man bun on a beach would definitely get people talking. So many former Bachelor Nation cast members turn their time onto the show into some sort of business, and it wouldn't be a bad idea for Leo to look into his very own product line or something to complement his career as a a Hollywood stunt man. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

For now, fans will just have to wait until the day he finally decides to share what goes on behind the scenes. Does he use terry cloth towels? Does he let it air dry or does he diffuse it? Exactly how many pumps of each product does he use? These are the questions fans have, and the ones they will hopefully get answers to very, very soon.