Leslie Jones Brought The Funny At The BET Awards

by Alexis Paige Williams
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

With Ghostbusters star and Saturday Night Live cast member Leslie Jones hosting the BET Awards, a night of honoring music, film, and activism was also destined to be a comedy event. During the June 25 telecast, the star was on a roll, poking fun at everyone from Lil' Yachty to Maxwell. Guests were probably warned ahead of time to leave their egos at the door, though the host still kept it positive. Leslie Jones' BET Awards jokes brought the "joy" audiences needed from the night.

Despite a hard fought year riddled with racism and cyber bullying, Jones continues to be on top. From her success on SNL to her starring role in the female-reboot of Ghostbusters, the comedian's star is still rising. This emcee gig is another coup for the Jones, though she's resisting pressure to get too serious with her bits. Jones had planned on steering away from politics at the BET Awards, despite the charged moment in time in which they're taking place. Jones told People magazine she simply wants to make the crowd roar with laughter and take a break from all Trump-related topics. She said:

"I am tired of everybody being sad and angry. I want people to just downright laugh. You can’t do the event without touching on certain things, but I’m trying to make it all funny. It’s really just about pulling the elephants out of the room and, actually, I’ll make the elephant in the room laugh about it. So my goal for this show is to have a big ol’ nice barbecue, family reunion feel. I just want everyone cracking up."

Check out some of Leslie Jones most hilarious jokes from the 2017 BET Awards:

On Rapper Naming Conventions In 2017

"I'm scared though 'cause I'm out here and I don't know all the rappers' names. I don't know if I'm going to mess up somebody's name. 'Cause, you know, when I was coming up you could understand the rappers' names. The rapper's name belonged to him. Ol' Dirty Bastard was an Ol' Dirty Bastard! Biggie, he was just big! Busta Rhymes, you knew he was going to bust a rhyme! What's a Little Yachty? Is that a boat? Is that a small boat? Why don't you want a big boat? I don't understand."

On Being In Denial About Getting Older

"I know I don’t look 50. I look 30. See that’s what I think in my head. In my head, in my heart, I'm in my 30s. My body be like, 'You better sit yo ass down! You are 50, b*tch! If you fall one more time, you are done.'"

On Embracing The Bush

"Hey Amber Rose! I saw you on Instagram. I saw that bush. Me and you got a lot in common. See, the only difference is yours looks like James Harden and mine looks like Frederick Douglass!"

On Lusting After Trey Songz

"This next performer is the future owner of my next restraining order. He has no idea that after this show he’s about to get straight cougar’ed!"

On Being A Basketball Star

Michael Jordan may have six rings and LeBron may have three, but Leslie Jones played for Colorado State for half a semester, but dropped out to smoke more weed. Learn some of my signature moves like the Devil's Elbow, the Post Up Ass Slammer, and the What's That?"

On Mixing Up DJ Khaled & Khalid

"Okay, so you’re DJ Khaled and you’re Khalid. I’m confused ‘cause one of ya’ll are saying it wrong?"

On Working At Roscoe's Chicken And Waffles

"You know you always got two extra wings with me. But I expected a five dollar tip, b*tch."

Before she closed the show, Jones literally showed up on stage with Lil' Yachty in a little yacht...y. It's safe to say she killed it tonight.