This Brand Beloved For Its Size Offerings Just Launched A New Lingerie Ad That Stars Trans Women

Courtesy of Playful Promises

Lingerie brand Playful Promises doesn't just have gorgeous garments. The brand also prides itself on having an extensive size range while fostering gender inclusion. Now, Leyna Bloom's Playful Promises' 15 anniversary campaign is centering a trans woman in a lingerie campaign, showing that the brand understands representation matters.

On June 18, Playful Promises released its 15 anniversary collection which is available on the brand's website now. The new collection features the brand's signature trendy details like cut-outs, sheer fabrics, and gorgeous embroidery. Retailing for just $37-$70 and with bra sizing from 30-34 A-K, 36-44 B-K, and lingerie sizing from 4-22, the new Playful Promises anniversary collection is just as gorgeous and inclusive as the brand's other incredible pieces.

However, the new garments aren't the only reason customers should be excited about the anniversary launches. There's also the campaign's star Leyna Bloom. Her role in the campaign is notable because Bloom is a trans model of color being centered in a lingerie campaign, a moment that is far too rare in the fashion industry.

If Bloom's name sounds familiar, there are several reasons why. First, the model and actor is the first trans woman of color to star in a film presented at the Cannes Film Festival, Danielle Lessovitz's Port Authority, but you may have recognized her name before that as well. Bloom was a model before she was an actor, and back in 2018, she began a campaign on social media to be the first trans model of color to walk for Victoria's Secret. According to Cosmopolitan, Bloom posted a tweet of herself in a bikini with the caption, "Trying to be the 1st Trans model of color walk a #VictoriaSecret Fashion show. #transisbeautiful#LeynaBloom."

Courtesy of Playful Promises

However, in November of that year, Victoria's Secret CMO Ed Razek spoke with Vogue and regarding the inclusion of trans women in the show, and his commentary set off an online firestorm that included Victoria's Secret runway show performer Halsey to speak out.

Razek told the magazine, "It’s like, why doesn’t your show do this? Shouldn’t you have transsexuals in the show? No. No, I don’t think we should. Well, why not? Because the show is a fantasy. It’s a 42-minute entertainment special. That’s what it is." Razek did ultimately offer an apology for his comments through the Victoria's Secret Twitter.

Now, Playful Promises and Leyna Bloom are totally proving that trans women, well, they're totally part of that fantasy.

Courtesy of Playful Promises

Of working with the brand on the campaign, Bloom says, " Throughout the entire process, I witnessed that Emma [Playful Promises' owner] truly wanted to honor and show love for all women. It was a pleasure working with so many beautiful women of all body types and a designer who appreciated each and every uniqueness of theirs and brought the personal fantasy of who they are to life. It is extremely beautiful to see this kind of genuine celebration of all women."

Courtesy of Playful Promises

If you want to shop Playful Promises' new 15 anniversary collection, all of the pieces are on sale now at the brand's website. With a history of working with diverse models to further inclusivity within the fashion industry, you can shop easy knowing that Playful Promises believes that every woman is a fantasy.