Lidl Is Selling Cat Chairs For £12.99, Because Your Kitty Deserves A Dedicated Spot

Decorating and furnishing your home can be a bit costly. Not only in terms of the financial side of things, but it can also take quite the toll stress wise. Lugging things up stairs, using the "pivot" joke way too many times. Lord, it's an absolute mine field. The crazy thing is though for pet owners, once you have managed that: you then have to contend with animal hair everywhere. Well guys I have some good news for you because if getting affordable furnishings for your little beast is a must, Lidl are selling cat chairs.

Flipping heck yes. A tiny chair that will provide comfort and endless lounging opportunities for your little fluff monster? Sign me up.

The chair comes from Lidl's pet-focused brand which is very cleverly called Zoofari. Good on them cause that's a name and a half. And the products really are half as expensive as you would expect. The Metro reports that this little slice of joy comes in a mere £12.99 which guys, is too much of a bargain to miss. Just think of how joyous your cat will be after getting its own chair. All the scratching and biting might even stop which would be super lit, am I right?

I'm aware that the idea of filling your already laden home with more bits and bobs is probably v stressful. Luckily for you cat-lovers out there this little comfy cosy seat folds right up. As someone who is resolutely not a cat person, my concern would be all of the cat hair on the chair. That would also be an issue. However, fear thee not. The cover is entirely removable and washable so you can keep your feline furniture fresh AF.

If you're concerned about the longevity of such a purchase, I would say park your worries. The gang over at Lidl are so confident about this product that it has a three-year warranty. That is three whole years for your cat to hopefully not destroy this item.

Lidl will launch the chair on June 27 in stores near you. They're not available online and as well as that there is a limited amount so you need to make sure you're at your nearest Lidl super early to get one.

The chair is a great idea and hopefully you'll be able to persuade the cat to actually sit on it. As the creatures are famously strong-willed, this may present a bit of a challenge. Especially when repeatedly telling the cat to get off your new velvet sofa doesn't seem to be working. Actually it turns out that telling your cat not to do things can have the opposite effect, as Mikel Delgado a postdoctoral fellow at the School of Veterinary Medicine at University of California told National Geographic.

He said that by telling their cats off, owners are "inadvertently giving the cat attention, which, in the cat’s mind, is better than nothing, and so it’s rewarding."

According to him, you're better off to ignoring naughty behaviour and reward good behaviour. You know what that means. Time to load that little chair with cat nip and let the good times roll in.