Lili Reinhart Wore Her Mom's Dress On The Red Carpet & The Photos Will Make You Smile

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Some things just run in the family — hair color, height, and sometimes even style. As Teen Vogue found, Lili Reinhart wore her mom's dress to Marie Claire's Fresh Faces event and gave her full credit for the look. She even shared a photo of her mom wearing the exact same dress. Consider this the inspiration you need to raid your mama's closet.

It's always interesting to see what celebrities wear on the red carpet. But Reinhart made it all the more interesting when she shared on her social media that she was wearing a dress straight from her mom's closet. The Riverdale star posted the image of herself wearing the pink, spaghetti-strapped dress to her Instagram Stories with the caption, "Thanks for letting me borrow your dress, Mom."

The bright pink spaghetti strapped dress is straight from the '90s with its sequined embroidering. There's two little flowers holding the straps to the top and flower print along the bottom. All great trends come back again though, which makes this look perfect for 2018 too.

Reinhart styles the dress with strappy nude heels, which left all eyes on gorgeous gown. The actress finished off the look with a matching pink lip and a simple cateye liner.

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Making the look even more epic, Reinhart also uploaded a photo of her mom wearing the exact same dress back in the day. You know, just in case you didn't already trust her. Reinhart's mom styled it a little differently. Instead of letting the dress speak for itself, she added a few accessories into the mix — a dainty bracelet and necklace.

The actress didn't share the shoes her mom wore, but it's easy to see that they have similar style. There's nothing better than keeping an outfit in the family. Not to mention that Reinhart saved some money on an outfit. Because, let's be honest, that's a major perk of borrowing outfits.

When you see her mom wearing the dress, you'll see exactly how much great style runs in the family. Not to mention that it's the perfect ode to her momma right around Mother's Day. Here's to hoping that there's plenty other wardrobe swaps to come.

There's another layer of sustainability to the outfit as well. Celebrities are known to spend thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars on dresses for one specific event. Other pay thousands for someone to pick an outfit for them. Reinhart took the sustainability route, which is even better than the dress transformation photo.

Plenty of celebrities have made a statement by wearing sustainable brands on the red carpet. Let's not forget when Emma Watson broke the internet by wearing only sustainable brands for her Beauty and the Beast press tour. But not all celebrities are willing to give an outfit a new life like Reinhart did with her dress at the Marie Claire Fresh Faces event.

Here's to hoping that this dress makes more of a statement than just, "mother knows best." Although that's partly true, Reinhart could just inspire others to think about what they wear and how they can reuse what they already have hanging in their closet.

If nothing else, let's hope this means more Mommy Reinhart fashion moments to come, because this women has a serious eye for fashion.

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Fashion is a powerful thing, but it's about time that people start focussing on where the outfit comes from. Sometimes that answer could be a top-selling brand or sustainable company. Other times it's pulled from the back from the back of your mom's closet. Either way, an outfit carries a special meaning to everyone.