'Bachelor' Fans Take Note, Lily's Instagram Caption Game Is So Strong


One of the joys of Bachelor Winter Games is getting to know contestants from all over the world and seeing how their personalities contrast, and clash, with the Nation members that we know and love in the old fifty nifty United States. Social media is a great way to build on what the ABC series is showing us, and you might even become more obsessed with your international fave. For example, Lily from Bachelor Winter Game has an amazing Instagram that proves she's constantly on the go, a total wildcard of a human, and has got jokes for days.

"I’m not the kind of person who thinks going on TV to date one dude with a bunch of other chicks is a good idea," McManus said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight about going on Bachelor New Zealand. "But they called and said, 'Congratulations, you’ve got an audition.' I was like, 'Who the f*ck is this?' Mom didn’t tell me she entered me."

While she initially wasn't sure, the challenge was too tempting. "I called back and turned them down," she told ET, "but I like to say yes to weird, wild, adventurous things, so two weeks later, I went, 'this has smacked me in the face and I may as well give it a go.'”

As for her life outside of the TV show, here's just a taste — because truly, Lily is having too much fun to track. You'll want to be her BFF immediately.

1. She's Super Funny

Her caption for this post reads: "Bachelorette knocked up by mystery man or ate too many pieces of toast in the sun? @nzherald #scandal." Lily also does comedy shows occasionally in New Zealand. You can tell in her captions.

2. She Doesn't Do Regular Selfies

There's almost always a joke, and an even better caption.

3. She's Got Water Sports Down

Much like Ally, the other New Zealander on the ABC series, Lily would probably rock a Summer Games even harder.

When it comes to the Winter Games, Lily had a competitive advantage. "My athletic background definitely helped," she said in the ET interview, "because a lot of the girls had zero athletic background, so even if I hadn’t done something before, I knew how to move my limbs enough to do all right! I gave it my best shot.

4. She Likes Horses

...and the horses seem to like her too!

5. She's A Broadcasting Natural

Maybe next year Lilly should be the Bachelor Winter Games commentator?

6. She's Got Cat Content

There are a few furry friends on the page, actually.

7. Seriously, She's Hilarious

Lily appears to have several tiny tatts, but this one takes the cake.

8. She'll Picnic Anywhere

The beach, a parking lot, anywhere you can throw down a blanket.

9. She's Certified In Snowboard

According to this post, and pictures like the one above, she can shred a slope.

10. She Travels A Lot

Here, Lily is in Greece, and her 'gram has dropped geotags in Japan, Indonesia, and last winter she took an RV across the continental United States.

11. She's Truly So Brave

Roses can be a terrifying thing to a Bachelor star.

12. She's Open To Endoresement Deals

As long as it's Crocs, according to her.

13. She's Currently In California

"Me and my dirty fingernails are off to LA for god knows how long," the caption reads. "So much love to all the good humans I’ve met along the way. I’ll keep y’all posted on all the weirdness I find myself apart of, until then, look after each other."

Does this reveal anything about how Winter Games ends? It might. She definitely alluded to giving a long-distance relationship a try when talking to Entertainment Tonight about her experience on Winter Games and in the franchise in general. "I’m gobsmacked," she said. "I’m constantly surprised by what this weird love cult TV show can do for me!"

Mostly it just goes to show that Lily is always in the middle of an adventure, whether that adventure includes partying with friends, sports, romance, or a little of everything!