Why Lily From 'Bachelor Winter Games' Will Be A Fierce Competitor


Fans of The Bachelor will be tuning into ABC on Feb. 13 to watch a new series, clearly inspired by the Olympics. The Bachelor Winter Games combines the casts of The Bachelor/ette from countries around the world and makes them participate in competitions while looking for love. While New Zealanders may know of a few contestants, American fans may not know who Lily is on The Bachelor Winter Games. They are sure to learn though, that Lily is a spunky competitor who seems to have a great chance to find love.

According to New Zealand's Stuff, 21-year-old Lily McManus first appeared on television in The Bachelor New Zealand, Season 3. In that season, she made it through nearly the entire series’ run, but her chances for love were cut short when Zac Franich sent her home as the runner up.

Following her elimination from The Bachelor New Zealand, Lily spoke to The Café, sharing her experience about being on the show. She started by affirming that she had no regrets about doing the show, despite how it turned out. “At first, I didn't think [going on The Bachelor] was a good idea and I didn't really want to go on the show, but now looking back at it, it's just been amazing,” she said. “It's not even ... all about Zac himself, it's about all that you do and all that you learn and all the friendships you make and the family you make with the crew.”

Perhaps, it was all of those positive memories of making friends with the crew and other contestants that sparked her decision to appear again in this new series. After all, later on in the same interview, she confirmed she was taking a break on seeking love. “I feel like I’m not going to actively seek [love], but if it slides into my DM’s I’ll happily accept it,” she said. Maybe she went on Winter Games just to make friends. And, if love happens to be there... well, OK.

Lily, one of the two youngest women appearing on this season, calls herself a “fussy b*tch,” in her Bachelor Winter Games intro video. Along with her casual ease, fans also learn in the clip that she’s quite adept with a skateboard. She also hints that she’s into more sports than that. In fact, it seems like the competition part of the show was a large part why she wanted to do it. “All I know [about the show] is that I probably have to date someone and I’m probably going to get to snowboard, a bit,” she said in a clip from the video. “But, if I was really into somebody, I’d make it work.”

Lily isn’t the only New Zealand native appearing on this new series. Ally Thompson, who is also from Season 3 of New Zealand’s version of The Bachelor, will be appearing on the show, as well. It won’t just be New Zealand women appearing, either. Jordan Mauger, the Bachelor from Season 2, confirmed to Stuff that he will be on the show.

New Zealand is a country known for its breathtaking natural beauty, thrill-seeking activities, and free-spirited style of living. Those are just a couple of the many reasons why people are moving to New Zealand, en masse. And, having nearly found a husband her first time around, it stands to reason that Lily’s got as good of a chance of finding love as anyone in this new series. And, whoever she falls for (if she does) will probably be stoked to follow her back to New Zealand after the show.