Lindsay & Edgar's Jobs On 'You're The Worst' Actually Say A Lot About Who They Are

Byron Cohen/FXX

Spoilers ahead for You're The Worst Season 5, Episode 4. When You're The Worst premiered in 2014, no one in the show's core group of friends was exactly a winner. Jimmy was too smarmy for his own good; Edgar was a doormat; Lindsay was ditzy and lying to herself; and Gretchen couldn't accept any responsibility in her life. In the four and a half seasons since, they've all evolved somewhat into general adulthood, but in inches, not in miles. For example, Lindsay and Edgar have their dream jobs, but their inability to do them well shows just how much they still have to grow.

After her divorce, Lindsay got an apartment in Koreatown and a new job as a stylist. These alone were huge steps for her, as she'd been brought up to be reliant on men; her aspiration in life was to find a husband, not build a career. Now, she's working for Gretchen as a publicist, taking over the PR for Gretchen's foul-mouthed (but lovable and hilarious) rap trio. Lindsay surprises everyone by arranging a series of tours and projects for the guys without them knowing, which she says she was able to do because she's shameless. She's not afraid to ask for things.

Byron Cohen/FXX

It's commendable that Lindsay is so tenacious, but she's still being a little careless and putting herself first. Touring and projects are good for the guys, but she probably should've checked to make sure it made sense for them — and for the company — before going ahead and booking it all. It's a step up from trying to entrap her ex-husband Paul, by getting pregnant, but it's still impulsive and irresponsible. Lindsay can't truly grow until she starts breaking these bad habits.

Edgar is also in the middle of a career renaissance. He has a pretty wicked sense of humor, and after taking many improv classes, he's landed a gig as a TV writer for comedian Paul F. Tompkins. But while it marks a really great step for Edgar, he's still falling into the same traps as he did before. He let Jimmy insult and walk all over him while he cooked every morning and did the household chores. Edgar has always put other people first simply because he just wants to be liked. His PTSD from being an addict and serving in the military has been a difficult battle for him, and Edgar just wants to fit in.

Byron Cohen/FXX

For Edgar, that means eating mass amounts of Cronuts and other junk food not because he wants to, but because Tompkins thinks it's funny. Edgar is a funny person and a good writer, but he has relegated himself to being the butt of every joke simply because he wants everyone to like him. And he didn't overcome all that he has in order to be the laughing stock of his company. He has been able to assert himself more with Jimmy, but if Edgar doesn't squash his natural need to be a doormat, he will never advance at work. He will be the circus animal everyone likes to make dance.

Lindsay and Edgar have made great respective strides in their lives from the day viewers met them. The core four of You're The Worst have overcome a lot, but Lindsay and Edgar, in particular, have a long way to go if they want to get to a good place by the time the series ends.