This Lipstick Brand Combines Social Justice & Beauty In A Super Unique Way

Kali Borovic

It's been almost a year since President Donald Trump took office, and protest has defined much of his time in the presidency. Beauty brands aren't exempt from the dissent, often using their products as an avenue of resistance. But with this brand, things look a little different. The Lipstick Lobby was created as a social justice movement for change, progress, and equality, with every item sold by the brand giving back to charity. But Lipstick Lobby's overall success is measured in more than dollars. Their latest campaign urges people to speak out about what matters to them, and to do it boldly.

Typically a makeup brand will come out with a single charitable product to support a cause. Lipstick Lobby, however, was created to solely make items that will give back in the wake of the Trump administration. Although the brand only has two lipsticks to offer so far, they are mighty offerings that do the work

The first, which came out earlier this year, is their Kiss This Pink Lipstick. Every single penny from the purchase of that shade goes to Planned Parenthood. The brand's latest is even more bold. Lipstick Lobby created a bright red shade called Outrage Lipstick. With every purchase, $5 from the lipstick goes to the ACLU. The Lipstick Lobby will donate a minimum of $10,000 to the organization, according to the website.

If you're not already catching on, the brand is specifically raising money for organizations that are at risk under the Trump administration. Of course, looking great at the same time is also a bonus.

Kali Borovic

As if all of that isn't already enough, the company is urging people to use their latest lipstick to speak out. The brand asks customers to post a photo wearing the lipstick to social media and speak up about an issue that means something to them.

All you have to do is apply the Outrage Lipstick liberally, write your own message to stick on your face, and take a selfie. The brand even has a cheeky hashtag to allow users to connect in outrage: #LipstickItToTheMan.

Yes, the lipstick is pretty and there's power in every pout already with the bright, bold color. But it's what you do with it that makes a statement.

Kali Borovic

The color is absolutely stunning in person, and a hue Lipstick Lobby made to flatter every skin tone. I'm a big fan of red lipstick, but it's always hard to find the right shade of red. Outrage Lipstick is a true red that works on every single skin tone because of how opaque and cool toned it is.

Like every great red, wearability is a major factor. The Outrage Lipstick is completely long-lasting. It's a classic, bullet-shaped product, so it's not kiss proof. But you can expect it not to smudge. Whether you're buying it for the message or the shade, you really can't go wrong with this purchase.

I'm not the only one who likes it, either. Elizabeth Moss has gotten involved in the campaign already. She posted a photo wearing the Outrage Lipstick with the phrases "not afraid," "fight back," and "resist."

Kali Borovic

Both the Outrage and Kiss My Pink Lipsticks are available on The Lipstick Lobby's website right now for $19 each. Though these are the only two products that the brand offers currently, something tells me that there will be plenty more on the way. After all, there are always countless causes to lobby for.

Go grab a lipstick, make a label, and be bold. You're lips are going to look too great to not put to good use by speaking out.