Lisa Vanderpump Just Posted A Farewell Message To 'RHOBH' Fans On Instagram

by Marenah Dobin
Jerod Harris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Even though fans have been in the know for a while, it's now official: Lisa Vanderpump is done with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The Season 9 finale aired on Tuesday night, marking her last appearance on the show. To mark the occasion, Lisa posted a farewell message to RHOBH fans on Instagram.

In the July 9 post, OG cast member told her fans "The Pump has left the building. Thank you to all of you for your support for 9 years #rhobh." And that's all she wrote. Thankfully for the LVP fans, this goodbye is not from the Bravo network. She will still be on her spinoff show Vanderpump Rules. Still, this is the end of an era, but the goodbye is not surprising since she stopped filming with the Housewives in the middle of Season 9.

Not only that, but Lisa announced her departure from the show in a June 4 interview with DailyMailTV. She was asked, "The reunion is coming up are you going?" At first, LVP answered the question with another question. She remarked, "The objective of the reunion is to reunite, right?"

Then, she admitted, "And I have no inclination to reunite with the women who've been harassing me for 10 months now." She confirmed, "So in all probability, no."

In that same interview, Lisa was asked, "Does this factor into what you're going to do next season? Are you coming back to the Housewives?" She began to explain, "I think they've made it pretty impossible for me to go back frankly." Then she confessed, "So ... no."

Just two days later, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion host Andy Cohen confirmed that Lisa did not attend the reunion taping for Season 9. According to People, Cohen announced this during an Instagram livestream with his good pal Anderson Cooper looped in. He told Anderson, "It’s major. Lisa Vanderpump‘s not here.”

Cohen dished on Lisa's reunion absence during a June episode of Radio Andy. He remarked, "I will refer you to what LVP said about Adrienne [Maloof] not showing up in the Season 3 reunion. I mean, LVP was spot on and that’s kind of all I can say about that." Nevertheless, Cohen added,

"I really wish she would have been there and I think she would’ve done great and I hope and I think she actually could’ve left with some resolution. And as for LVP leaving the show, no one will ever replace her."

During the Season 3 reunion, Lisa reacted to Adrienne's absence with, "I think she changed the boundaries though. If you sign up to do a reality show you have to be prepared to open up your life. And you made your life the viewers business when you entered into their living room."

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During a June 26 interview with Vulture, Cohen was asked what he thought it would be like when Lisa appears on his talk show Watch What Happens Live after she skipped out on the reunion. He answered, "I don’t know. I’m not going to do a Lisa rebuttal show. Her time to say her peace was at the reunion, and she gave up that opportunity."

Does this mean Lisa's Instagram goodbye is the last time that she'll address her final season on RHOBH and her decision to leave the show? Probably not, but it seems like Cohen is hoping to avoid the discussion topic. Or at least take a break from it.